Saturday, August 16, 2008

Loving the Power

I'm trying to keep things in order, so first this post and then I'll tackle the birthday party posts. As I briefly mentioned, I have discovered a new love for power washing! Part of living in our warm, humid climate entails that we need to power wash our homes, fences, etc. every so often and we were in desperate need. I would think to myself every so often that we needed to get to it, but honestly, I like the weathered look of our fence, especially since it ends up being my backdrop for a lot of pictures of the girls (I mean, how interesting is a nice wood-colored fence?!). The cement and the house were another story though and I finally borrowed my dad's power washer. After spending nearly an hour cleaning 2 planks of the fence, I decided something was not right! After a another tutorial from him at their house and Mike helping me get it started at our house, we realized I needed to push the reset button on the plug - I was trying to do it with NO electrical power! Well, what a difference that made!
Some before-and-after pictures (I think it is quite amazing)...

(notice the dark area of the cement that I had not yet power washed)

I was in business :-)! I was even thinking what a great business power washing would's fun because you see the HUGE difference you are making, it keeps you cool because you are getting misted with water, you get to be outside. Here are 2 reasons this business plan does not work with small children around:
1. I turned around to find Addie like this:
2. Addie later decided she needed me to hold her, making power washing a great workout!
Some pics of the girls playing while I was still at work and the glorious fruits of our labors in the garden - one edible tomato and 1 unedible pepper (there were actual 2 other peppers, equally unedible, thank you birds and little Addie hands):

And on to Thursday:
It never ceases to amaze me how little kids can manage to get so messy Addie (notice the piece of pancake on her shoulder also). We dropped off Ella's information packet at her preschool (we are both VERY excited for school to start!) and I let Addie walk out to the car with us like a big girl. Then when I said this way Addie and pointed to the car she sprinted off. I sprinted after her and she screamed as I put her in the car seat, "Outside, outside!!!" It is so funny how she loves being outside so much. It is more funny when I don't have to drive in the car with her as screams about how much she loves it for the entire drive home :-).
Free to be outside at last and this is the first thing she does - NOT a great new discovery. I was putting things away in the kitchen when Ella yelled, "MOM, ADDIE IS GOING TO GET HURT." Yes she is Ella - thank you! It does come in handy that Ella gives me a running commentary on Addie's every move in these instances and we are no longer keeping the chairs next to the table to prevent future occurrences.

Chalk-time, Swim-time, Picnic-time means more Power wash-time for me.

Ella picked out swimsuits for herself and Addie and was so thoughtful she even remember a hat for Addie :-) (and tried to make it match!). Gotta love Addie's little diaper-less bum.

Ella getting some mommy-time after Addie went to sleep. I'm hoping to make up for Addie's lack of mommy-time when Ella starts school - Poor Addie :-(. Ella and I had fun with her new paper princess dolls though (this first picture is for Ella's viewing pleasure).


Diane said...

WOW! power washing is amazing! it looks like you got a new fence!

Emily said...

I'm impressed! I need to rent a power washer and do that too. I don't even like going outside any more because my backyard is such a mess. The girls look DARLING in their swimsuits! We still need to go swimming before all the fun pools close for the year!