Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Perfectly Content

Miss Adeline is our little go-it-alone girl. She is perfectly content to be on her own as long as she is doing what SHE wants to. This evening while I was making dinner and Ella was watching her long-awaited show of the afternoon, Addie asked to go outside. I could see her through our kitchen window wearing my flip flops and just hugging this tree looking around.

Later she found this rock, which she brought inside to proudly show me before heading back out for more adventures. Ella, although independent in the sense she wants to be able to do things by herself, is much happier when she has someone right there with her. In fact, she follows Addie around waiting for Addie to think of something fun to do. I'll admit it drives me a little bit crazy sometimes because I just don't understand her :-).

I'm already worried about what both of their personalities hold for us in the future when they are teenagers. Ella because she seems to be more of a "follower" so it is up to Mike and I to be sure she is confident and sure enough of her values to not follow others in the wrong direction. Addie because she is so strong-willed and independent that she reminds me of myself...SCARY :-)! Of course, both personalities have their positive points as well, but it can definitely feel overwhelming to think of the great responsibility that is upon our shoulders as parents as we try to guide them and teach them in a way that will help them become the best they can be.

A couple funny things Ella said today:
* Ella was thrilled to play with her friend Lauren today! Later on she told me they were eating lipstick in Lauren's room. When I told her that probably wasn't a good idea because it could make her sick (I told her I had actually eaten chapstick when I was little and it made me sick...true story!). She couldn't have cared less and told me, "But it was SO yummy!"
* We are reading a mini-chapter book at bedtime right now about a princess and her horse. The story had mentioned the queen a couple times and then tonight referred to her as the mom instead. Ella asked me who the mom was and I explained that she was the queen - that when your mom is a queen, then you are a princess. She looked a little confused and told me, "But you're not a queen and I'm still a princess...Princess Ella, like Cinderella."
I LOVE that she really thinks she is a princess...I want to be little again and believe too :-)!


Pineapple Hill said...

I love your insight on your two cute girl's personalities. I know you and Mike will do well at channeling their positive qualities as strengths! Addie is so cute, and look how great you turned out! Ella reminds me of you in alot of ways too; although you've always been very independent! Isn't it wonderful that Ella feels like a princess. I can just picture her expression during that conversation. She is such a cutie.

Brittany said...

Addie is so cute and such an interesting little girl! I love that she wore your shoes and hugged the tree. We're excited to see you guys this weekend!

michele cabiness said...

I'm also scared about the girls in their teenage years and helping them each find their strengths and hold to them. Parenting is scary stuff. Our favorite name right now is Lila, and since the kids are already calling her that, it will most likely be the winner. I feel fine telling you here. It seems more private:)

Christina Bambina said...

Ya know, I actually remember you getting sick off the chapstick! Infact, I think we ate some together! hahaha! But then again, before Dr. Zaguli "pointed out" celiac disease, you were always spitting something up ;)

Don't worry now about the teenage years, kids change soooo much, they go through phases. I know I haven't any children but, I was a nanny and grew 2 kids up here from when they were in diapers. Now Anna is 20 and Theo is 16 - Both so different from when they were children.
Another example is our niece Carlotta, she was a timid non talkative little toddler until she hit 4 in July! Now she is so inquisitive and talks sooo much (can't seem to keep her quiet) while you're talking she'll say "excuse me! can I speak now?"
Just be the best example you can be, and of course guide them. I really don't think you are capable of making mistakes! (you had/have a great mom to learn from, and a grandma!)

Marci said...

I can't believe you remember my doctor's name Christina! You are amazing :-)!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your grandfather Delmar will be proud of little tree-hugger Addie :)

Christina Bambina said...

How can you forget such a name! He was my doctor too! The office was right on the corner of Mira Mesa Blv. and Scripps Ranch Blv. In the complex where they had a Chuck "e" Cheese place and K-MART!
I have great memories of you Mars, that's why I am soooo excited to have found you all!
Sending lot's of Love!

Diane said...

I agree with your mom! I had one of each and they both have grown into wonderful women.

Melissa said...

So I asked Lauren about the eating lip gloss episode and she wondered when Ella had told me and then she said that Ella LIKES lip gloss. Sorry, that's what happens when you share a room with your older sister.