Friday, August 1, 2008

Pizza Pizza - Gluten Free Style

Yesterday the girls and I attempted our first gluten-free pizza. I have had these mixes in the freezer for awhile now and Ella has been talking about making a pizza a lot lately, so we finally gave it a try yesterday. I was pretty worried about how it was going to turn out (the dough was STICKY) but it tasted just like the gluten free crusts I remember :-)! Maybe I'll be brave enough to attempt some other recipes using yeast now...this was my first time.
When I put on aprons for Ella and myself, Addie did NOT want to be left out! (and of course the outfit would not be complete without the helmet)

Ella was really proud of her
ham smiley face and both the girls definitely thought this pizza was just as good as the real deal!

Later in the afternoon Addie played outside by herself for nearly and hour. She LOVES to be outdoors and I LOVE to watch her exploring!


Sarah S said...

Addie in her helmet all the time is so funny!! Your post made me want some pizza, darn it!

Sara Jean said...

Yum! I want pizza now too. The aprons are so cute. I need to find a boyish one for Jasper.

Brittany said...

I LOVE that Addie always wears her helmet! When we bought our new bikes and helmets yesterday I thought about her! Next time we all see each other we'll have to wear our helmets in doors to match her :)

Pineapple Hill said...

How was the pizza?