Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pre-Wedding Dinner

I am now on a mission to catch-up on blogging, edit my pictures, watch the Olympics, clean my house after having guests and be ready for Ella's birthday weekend! There always is something :-).
So, back to Thursday...
I went to the airport with my Dad and Addie to pick up Janna. We arrived really early and to pass the time rode the "train" around the airport. It made Addie a little nervous, but was definitely easier than trying to keep her from eating random crumbs off the airport floor.

We didn't give Janna a moment's rest (although we did feed her in the car :-) and after dropping off my girls (thanks to Mckell and Hope for watching them!), immediately picked up Kayley, Scott and Kayley's best friend Amanda to head downtown to take pictures (some of which I posted yesterday).
We came home to change, checkout the pictures (which Janna miraculously got to work on our computer despite being the wrong format) and pick the ones we wanted prints of for the reception. Then off to Hasta la Pasta for a tasty dinner with the two families!
The Millers organized a cute program including a slideshow of Kayley and Scott growing up, words of wisdom from the grandparents, and a little presentation by each of the mothers. Here are some highlights:

Ella and George (my youngest cousin)

The soon-to-be newlyweds and Kayley with Amanda

Me and Janna! I need to dig up some old pictures of us from Uganda...maybe tomorrow :-)

All the grandparents


McKell and John said...

You seriously have such a beautiful family. Even your grandma is gorgeous!

Annemarie said...

It's so fun to see all of these pictures. I feel like i've just reunited with some of my most favorite people!
And your girls are as darling as ever!

Christina Bambina said...

I'm loving every second of scrolling your blog! The pictures are FAB!

Christina Bambina said...

ps: does addie reall enjo eating lemons???? whaaa???


sadleir said...

How fun! Marci - I found your cute little blog through Christina! I used to babysit you when you were little and your Grandma was my YW president and lived in our ward for the longest time! I love your family and everyone still looks the same as I remembered them! How fun to see you guys and what cute little girls you have!
Heather Sadleir
used to be Heather Riding