Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Rain Came Down (and a spinning tangent)

This morning it didn't look like we were even going to get any rain from Edouard (which when I type, I automatically put an -o at the end of, Edouardo seems so much more storm-like I guess).

I headed to the gym for the spinning class NOT cycling as I have been informed by the Longs - thank you - I am obviously a novice! I left the girls at home with Mike so that if it happened to be pouring when I left I only had to worry about getting myself to the car as quickly as possible and therefore arrived early to class (it's amazing how much faster we are without our children)! I asked the teacher to help me adjust my bike and HELLO, what a difference?! It is truly amazing how much more effective workouts are when using proper technique - WOW! Here is a timeline of my 60 minute class...
pre-class: feeling tired, not wanting to workout, then ready to get going and burn some calories!
5 minutes into class: feeling the burn in my quads already, not a good sign
10 min: contemplating quitting...too embarrassing! must proceed
20 min: look at the clock - 40 MORE MINUTES!!! - think I may die
30 min: start cheating when she says to add more resistance, try to keep myself motivated, not working well, feel tightness in chest - possibly having a heart attack!
40 min: look at clock - more than half way done! - I can do it, I can do it! Don't cheat anymore
45 min: only 2 more songs - I'm amazing :-)!
50 min: what?! that was one LOOOONG song!
55 min: cool down - I survived hallelujah!!!
driving home: I feel like I can do anything and must have burned at least 50,000 calories - this is why I now love spin class!

And back to the rain...
It had started to rain a little when I got home and Ella was excited about jumping in puddles so we dressed the girls in their rain boots before heading to the library for Addie's story time.

Ella wanted to try and catch raindrops in a cup to drink them :-).
By the time left the library it was starting to rain harder and when we got home the girls splashed around for awhile.

Ella getting some air!

Addie was carrying around a little piece of chalk and would periodically try and write on the wet concrete with it.

The rain was continuing to pick up and after a little while Ella announced she was ready to go inside. Apparently Addie was as well because for once in her life she followed right behind Ella. As I write this however the rain has calmed to a trickle and the sun is forcing it's way out. It was a perfect storm :-)! I still need to get cleaning though!


Sarah S said...

I ALWAYS feel like I'm going to die when I go to a spin class - especially after the first 15 minutes. But then it always gets better :) Good job for sticking it out! Those rain pictures are the best.

Pineapple Hill said...

I wish you could go to spin class in my behalf. That's the only way I'd be able to do it! Love the rain boots. You just to love to play in the rain too!

Annemarie said...

You are such a good mom! They look like they had the BEST time!
LOVE their boots!

Amy said...

Looks like you had a fun rainy day!

The Nixon Family said...

Spinning is by far my most fave class ever. It has been a month since I have worked out and I am dying. Still trying to get John to splurge for the whole price at Lifetime. I want your price... Thanks for the info on the rain. It is strange to not live in Houston anymore b/c now I don't have to worry about the gulf storms. The girls look so cute in the rain. I'll call when I get a chance- still in San Diego...

Diane said...

that series of rainy day photos is soooooo cute! I looove the last photo walking toward the garage. Good job describing the spinning class, I feel like I worked out!

Christina Bambina said...

Ok that is too cute! Addie looks like a little duck waddling around in those big galoshes! The last picture of the girls holding hands and walking together is just priceless!

Only 2 more days for Kayley to gooo!

The Collins said...

Okay, so I don't know if you remember me....It's Shelly Brown (Collins). Do you remember The Browns from Scripps Ranch? You and my brother Jeff were friends when you were little? I was in preschool with your brother. I think this is so fun that I ran into your blog.It has been a long time, so I don't blame you if you can't remember The Brown's. It is fun to see your cute family. Your girls are so cute! I have 2 little boys. Being a mom is so fun and its true there is never a dull moment. Good to see you! The blogging world is so!

Brittany said...

That's funny that you got corrected on your misnomer for your class. When I first learned that it was SPINNING I imagined a group of adults in a class spinning around doing ballet turns but I guess you'd call that dance class. I personally like "cycling" better, but to sound accurate and cool of course I only call it spinning :)

Melissa said...

You gotta love rainboots. And thanks for letting me know I won. At least that is what I feel like now that I finally made to the top 10.

Jaimee said...

You are hilarious!
I'm still laughing. That sounds EXACTLY like me at the gym!

How are your legs feeling now?!?

Emily said...

Where did you get rainboots in Addie's size?