Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So Sad

Mike emailed me this morning that LeRoi Moore, the saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band, died yesterday. You can read the article here, but I really felt sad about it! This was one of the first bands I truly fell in love with (and maybe became slightly obsessed with). I was a paying member of the fan club for years and I have seen them in concert countless times. I don't think you can understand just how amazing they all were together without having seen them live, they were truly incredible. To watch them all jam together up on stage, just taking it to somewhere completely different and then bringing it back to the original song again, transported you.
Also, making me sad recently was watching Lolo Jones in her 100m hurdles race. I really don't think I could cut it as an Olympic athlete, even if I had the talent. Knowing she was sooo close to a gold medal is devastating me so I have no idea how she is coping. It only makes me feel worse seeing how well she is handling it and how sweetly she answers the questions in each interview - especially right after the race! It makes me want to give her a gold medal for bravery or something! I would me a complete disaster! I totally cried as I watched it all last night and then teared up again talking about it today. I can just picture my interview:
reporter: "So Marci, I know this must be a difficult time for you. Will you try again for the London games in 2012?'
me: "I...(sobbing uncontrollably)...don't...(more crying, shaking and general hysteria)."
reporter: (obviously VERY uncomfortable) "Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see."
Actually, I wouldn't even be doing an interview! I would be in a dark room by myself crying and needing some definite intervention. I hope Lolo DOES make it to the 2012 games and win her gold! She deserves it!
To end on a cheery note, we went to the library again today and this is what makes me happy: My two little readers, sharing their new books together.
It also make me happy that we know and love our librarians so much :-)! Addie cuddled with her favorite friend Miss Venitha (I was slightly jealous!) and then as we left it was pouring rain and Miss Judy let me borrow her umbrella AND watched the girls inside the doorway while I pulled up the car! (and thank you Katherine! Ella is SOOO excited to be a singing machine :-)


Diane said...

Thanks for the entertaining post! I especially liked your "interview". Well, Marci, if making life wonderful for Mike, Ella and Addie was an Olympic event, you would definitely win gold....and that is the only medal you can keep forever :)

Christina Bambina said...

Mars, you crack me up! I just can't stop laughing!
I agree with diane.... you get a gold medal for being a great mom and wonderful wife! (and let's not forget a great older sister!!!)

Marci said...

You guys are going to make me cry again :-)! Thanks for the sweet notes!

Melissa said...

I am glad to know I am not the only cry baby. I love watching people win. Maybe it is my inner soul telling me to try out for the olympics, I'll only be 42 at the next olympics, why not Dara Torres did it! Ha Ha Ha

McKell and John said...

Seriously, how many hours a day do you spend blogging? I just can't keep up!

No onto the latest news...WHAT? I was obsessed with DMB also and went to four concerts and wanted to marry Dave himself and name our kids things like Dancing Nancy. Can they go on without him? I'll have a moment of silence in his behalf.....

oh, and P.S can you please take the word verification off of your comments thing, I suck at them.