Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taking Care of Business

I just LOVE this picture so I had to post it first. They definitely are taking these phone calls seriously! Here are the other pictures from our our day thus far:
Well, this one is actually from yesterday when we were at my parents' house for Ella to pick the big winner of the Pineapple Hill contest. Addie and Ella both love to follow the cats around and "softly" pet them.
Ella picked out not only her own outfit today, but Addie's too. Pink is definitely her color of choice (she had on a pink shirt herself originally, but decided it was "too hot" and she changed into the yellow one instead - "because it matches my yellow flower"...kind of).
Woops...this plan was not well thought out. Addie didn't know what to do to get herself out of this situation. She just froze there and started "asking" for help. I, of course, took a picture before rescuing her :-).
Ella LOVES babies and little Ian was quite cooperative :-). This is also Ella's new smiling's this or looking dazed at the camera (see first pictures in front of fence), so the BIG smile usually wins out.
Addie and Brooklynn, Ian's big sis, who is a great hugger. I was just amazed that Addie accepted the hugs, especially since I made them recreate the moment a couple times so I could take a picture.


Diane said...

Ella, you did such a good job choosing outfits for yourself and Addie! You look soooo pretty!

Great shot of Addie under the table! and I love Addie and Brooklynn hugging. What a couple of CUTIES!

Pineapple Hill said...

Ella is such a cute big sister. I love the picture of them on the phone. Hmmmmm... wonder how they know that pose so well:)