Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Say What?

Addie's latest make-us-laugh move:

Ella has been quite particular about how to wear her hair for school and today I couldn't figure out what she was trying to explain to me. Think, think and problem solved...we looked back through our month of pictures where she enthusiastically pointed out this hair-do. Unfortunately though we didn't have two hair things that would match, so I voted for the fair hair-do which was quickly vetoed. We kept searching until she decided this was the runner-up and we got to work.

And yes, we continue to ROCK the tennis shoes look each and EVERY school day :-).

For my Fellow Twilight Fans...You know Who you Are

I found this interview on YouTube and thought it was really interesting:

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lunch Date with Dad

The girls had quite the playground-filled day! We met up with Cathy and Mckell for some Visiting Teaching at a park and the girls played their little hearts out for a LONG time (Ella also soaked herself in the adjoining splash pad). I wish I had taken some pictures...so NOT like me :-)! Later this afternoon when Ella was talking to Kayley on the phone she told her, "I played with Johnny and Daniel. They're my best friends." I love how everytime she plays with someone they are her new best friend!
We had packed a lunch in the cooler and drove straight from that playdate to meet up with Mike at a park by his school to have lunch together. Mike came up with this idea last week and I don't know why we hadn't thought of it sooner! The girls thought it was SO cool to not only hang out with Dad in the middle of the day, but get to play on the playground AGAIN too!

HOORAY!!! Dad Arrives!

Yesterday while Addie ate lunch I tried to teach her to smile when I said "Smile!" (this would make picture-taking much easier). At some point she blinked really slowly, which made me laugh, which made her smile, which made me say "Good Smile!" So, now she thinks blinking really slow is what I want her to do when I say "smile"...I've really messed her up this time :-)!

Hopefully, we'll get this sorted out eventually, but in the mean time it ALWAYS makes us laugh when she does it!

Car Wash Fun

Sunday, September 28, 2008

TV is Back!

I'm SO glad that normal TV has resumed...it was a long summer in that regard :-)! Some of the shows I am looking forward to:
- The Amazing Race
- Desperate Housewives
- Brothers and Sisters
- Dancing with the Stars (I don't watch this every season, but this time around there are quite a few stars I'm curious to see...Misty May-Treanor, Lance Bass, Toni Braxton, Brooke Burke, Maurice Green, Kim Kardashian, Rocco and one of the professionals, Lacey, was on So You Think you can Dance)
- Dr. 90210
- The Hills
- The Biggest Loser
- America's Next Top Model (Tyra is really starting to drive me crazy, especially with all the weird sci-fi stuff this season, but I'm still watching)
- Project Runway
- Survivor
- The Office

...and we're still waiting for Lost, our VERY favorite, to return!

Politically Neutral

I have worked hard to keep my blog politically neutral (although I, of course, am not). At times resisting the urge to post something has been harder than others :-), especially when I read the posts of others. But today I get to post something! AnneMarie just posted this site that I thought was interesting, In Quotes. You can select from a variety of topics and it brings up quotes from both candidates regarding those issues. (oh, and I copied her picture too)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Signing Time Contest

So, everyone should know by now that I LOVE the Signing Time products (as do my girls)!
(you can view reminders here and here)
I was just informed by my friend Emily that they have just added 2 new DVDs to their Baby Signing Time series...and I want to win them :-)!

So, without further adieu, the top reasons our family LOVES Signing Time:
1. It proves how smart our little ones are...they may not be able to say much, but they know a lot more than we give them credit for!
2. There is a lot less crying when I am able to know exactly what they want or need through a sign!
3. I have understood both Ella and Addie's beginning speech better because when I can't quite make out what they are trying to tell me and they sign it I immediately get it!
4. Aside from the communication benefits, I believe their vocabularies have been expanded through the shows! The names of objects and feelings are reinforced through the repetitive and fun ways they are introduced.
5. The songs are great! Both the girls love singing along to the songs and we alternate our princess songs in the car with the soundtracks from the first DVDs (The Silly Pizza song is a favorite)!
6. We just LOVE them!
I definitely think we deserve to win :-)!
Here's hoping!

Back on my track with Book Club

The Secret Garden (Children's Classics) The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

My review

rating: 2 of 5 stars
Well, maybe it's just because I happened to read this book at the same time as the whole Twilight series (that COMPLETLEY grabbed my attention) that I felt this one was boring. I'm excited to hear our book club discussion about it because I know my opinion is a little biased right now. It is a cute story that I think really proves the power attitude has in our lives. We all need to believe in some magic!

View all my reviews.

Free Make-up from Melissa

A friend from church, Melissa, is a couponing queen. She gets loads of free stuff and recently started a blog all about the deals she finds, Melissa's Bargain Blog. I've already snagged quite a few things myself as a result of her posts...$7 jeans at Old Navy for Ella, a Rachel Ray magazine subscription for $1.60 and today, makeup from Everyday Minerals!

Click HERE to get your own.
You get a Free Sample Makeup kit and just pay the shipping ($3.13). Not too bad :-)!

I am still trying to wrap my mind all around the couponing, but what she does is really pretty dang amazing! She hasn't had to buy diapers...she gets them FREE! CRAZY! Last week we had a little Enrichment night where she talked about all her little tricks and I definitely left feeling inspired to get to work and save some money!

Friday, September 26, 2008

County Fair Day

Every year Mike's school district gets a day off in September, "County Fair Day," the opening day of the Fort Bend County Fair. This is his 5th year teaching(CRAZY!) and we FINALLY used the day for it's intended purpose! We went to the fair!
When I told Ella last night her face froze and she exclaimed, "I am SOOOO excited!" and then quickly ran to grab her Angelina ballerina book which was in fact titled, Angelina at the Fair.
The morning passed slowly as we waited for Mike to finish up some important business...getting a new license (I don't think I ever mentioned that his wallet was stolen out of our car when we fled to San Antonio during the hurricane) and fixing a window (also a result of the hurricane) at the rental. We waited and Addie practiced her mouse technique. It is actually quite impressive...she uses the little scrolling roller-ball on it to scan the pictures on my blog.
FINALLY we were out the door, ready to explore the fair. Ella was very concerned about being able to go on rides AND get a treat and couldn't quite decide what she wanted to do first. I made her look at livestock and she was OBVIOUSLY thrilled about it :-)!
Enough of that...on to the good stuff!

Almost anyway, first Mike had to wait in a long line to purchase tickets for the rides...we waited it out in the shade.

A minor unexpected setback at the Ferris Wheel...a height requirement! Since when are Ferris Wheels dangerous? I had pictured our whole little family, including Addie, circling around and around. Luckily there were plenty of other kid-friendly rides to distract Ella from the one she'd had her heart set on. (and I was sure to take LOTS of pictures of the fun)

For Ella...the other videos of her rides are HERE and HERE.
We stopped by to see more animals and I wish I had a video of Addie with the goats. This one goat kept making it's little goat noise and it totally cracked her up :-)! Both the girls got to pet a little bunny as well and then went back for seconds. I must admit they were pretty cute little guys!

And what fair experience could be complete without some good, greasy food?! (with funnel cake for dessert of course)

We left for the fair right at lunch time, which meant Addie skipped her nap and was definitely feeling it as soon as we got in the car.

Finally, peacefully asleep...Ella is faking it in the last picture. Her new thing is to try and get in every picture I take by doing whatever Addie is doing that I deem picture worthy :-).

Although fairs, particularly county fairs, tend to bring out a lot of weirdos (both attendees and workers - I think half the people running the kiddie rides were smoking - yuck), we had TONS of fun! Ella was planning our next trip on the drive home and when Mike asked her what her favorite part was she replied without hesitation, "ALL of it!"