Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Again

After a couple days relaxing and visiting in San Antonio, we are back in Katy and I am back to unpacking...yet again. Why is it SO much easier/more fun to pack your things than to un-pack them?!
I was all consumed with reading Twilight while we were gone (more on that to come). In fact, I think that is really ALL I did for 2 days :-). Thankfully the girls had lots of other people to play with. Meema helped them paint pretty pictures with vegetables (and I did manage to pull myself away from the book for some pictures).

Our future country superstar!
Here are a couple pictures of the front of our rental my brother took for us when they went to check it out Saturday. Mike has to go over and fix the fence today or tomorrow and he'll get some pictures then. I didn't take an after-picture of our house because it really looks the same, just lots of leaves all over the lawn (thankfully!).

The drive home from San Antonio was pretty uneventful. We were worried about there being a lot of traffic from others returning to the area, but the roads were great. We were almost to Katy when we stopped at the Flying J in Brookshire, somewhere we have stopped many times before, and it was CRAZY! The lines for gas were insanely long, the place was packed and while we were inside they ended up locking everyone else out for awhile. There was definitely a weird feeling of chaos when we walked outside to the crowds of people. I can't imagine what it must have been like in New Orleans after Katrina. It must have been terrifying.

Katy overall seems to have fared pretty well. There are lots of branches and leaves down, as well as fences, everywhere you go. Many big trees were snapped, but the buildings themselves seem to have held up. We were fortunate to not have lost power, and although most of those who did lose it have it up and running, I ran into Kayley's father-in-law at the grocery store today and he said theirs is still off.
The grocery store was an experience today :-)! The girls and I headed off to Walmart where we do most of our grocery shopping each week and not only was the place packed, they had NO cold or frozen goods. That meant no yogurt, cheese, frozen veggies or fresh produce either. So, we got what we could there and then had to stop by HEB to get the other half of our items. The gas lines, at the stations that have gas, are INSANE!!! So much longer than they were before the storm. Luckily we shouldn't be needing any for awhile.
On a positive note, the weather today is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! It is cool, breezy and sunny and should be the same tomorrow. We have our windows open and I'm definitely enjoying the change! When it is this gorgeous outside, only one thing to do, have a picnic!

(ANOTHER bonus: Mike doesn't have school today or tomorrow...and possibly Wednesday)


Sarah S said...

I'm so glad your houses were mostly fine! It's crazy to hear about the food and gas issues, but I'm glad it hasn't completely run out there.

Pineapple Hill said...

Welcome back Freemans! We still have a lot of people with out power in our ward. Cute pictures of the girls with Meema. What a fun little craft project:) Ella and Addie both love painting so much maybe they'll inherit Meema's artistic talents~!

Melissa said...

It looks like your girls had fun in San Antonio. I haven't wanted to brave the grocery store yet. I haven't left the house at all since Thursday! I don't know if you have all of the Twilight books, but I have them all, so you're welcome to borrow some if you'd like as you work your way through the series.

Christina Bambina said...

there's no place like home!