Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last pictures of Katy

Here are our parting shots of Katy when left last night. Mike and I had been debating about whether or not to stay, but knew we didn't want to be stuck without electricity. My dad called us a little before 9pm telling us that theirs had gone out and that made our decision for us! We threw everything in the car, put the girls in the and were on the road at 9:30pm.
Our last video from home and a little frog that hopefully found somewhere safe to hide during the storm.

So, the girls had been asleep about 2 hours when we put them in the car. Ella promptly fell back asleep, as I expected them both to do. Addie, however, stayed awake the ENTIRE drive! Almost 3 hours! From 9:30pm-after midnight! She is SO crazy :-). She cried a little, talked a little, looked out the window and then found Ella's hand to hold and laughed about it.

My parents just went by to check our house and our rental and reported that both overall look fine. Our house has electricity and no damage (except that table in back tipped over and was left by the previous owners so maybe now we have an excuse to pick out one of our own). We were especially worried about the rental because of it's HUGE tree in the front yard but the tree still stands! There are a lot of branches down and part of the fence, but no damage to the house itself. I'm not sure how long we're staying here now that we know our power is up and running, but we'll take some pictures when we get back and my mom will posting some soon as well.


the Holyoaks said...

We're so glad you guys are safe and that you don't have any major damage. Matt and I were glued to the Weather Channel last night tracking the storm and thinking of all our friends in Houston. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Pineapple Hill said...

Hi Marci. We checked your house. You still have electricty and cable and internet!

Christina Bambina said...

I am so happy and greatful you are all safe. We were following along and were worried for you all. I even got the urge to look you up on the internet and call!!!!! so happy that your house(s) weren't damaged!!!
And thanks for updating your blog, or else I would have been REALLY worried! Your great!