Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Lime, A Table & Each Other

Well, despite my constant reading today, I did manage to get some pictures of the girls enjoying our lovely fall-like weather. We even made it to a nearby park to play.
We drive through this light everyday when we go to the gym...more evidence that Ike was here.
The kids enjoyed exploring in and playing with the leaves and branches that had not yet been cleaned up.

Addie is at the age that makes socializing at the park difficult for me because she is big enough that she wants to explore and follow Ella, but not quite ready to handle it all without me following close behind. All I wanted to do was talk to Mckell about Twilight (since I couldn't actually be reading right then), but I guess it's probably better that I wait until I finished them all...I am paranoid about hearing something that will ruin the ending for me since everyone I know seems to have already been there and done that!

The girls did a marvelous job playing together today as I read wherever they were playing...mostly outside...I love the feeling of fall in the air!

Addie and her shoes again...it doesn't matter if it's her shoes, your shoes, the dolls' shoes, people wearing shoes in books...she notices, points them out, talks about them and definitely wants to be sure EVERYONE/EVERYTHING has some on!

In a strange twist, our fashion maniac is also a tree-hugger and nature lover.

So, I had spent most of the girls awake/playtime trying to keep them occupied by bringing toys outside to play with. We decided to eat dinner outside later on and afterwards they each picked a little lime from our lime bush (it definitely does not look like a tree) and played FOREVER with them at the table while I watched (AND read of course). Who needs Barbie dolls?!

Loving Each Other...Hooray :-)!


lolomae said...

Marci, the pictures of the girls are darling. They do such cute things.

Annemarie said...

You need to get "Little Miss Shoes" some of these...www.uniquelysqueaky.com. The annoying squeakers come right out & they are the cutest shoes that last, and last...I've purchased several (ahem) pairs and love them.

Your girls are so cute!

Kayley said...

they are so cute together! those pictures will be fun when they're older.