Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lots of San Antonio :-)!!!

We had TONS of fun during our long weekend in San Antonio with Mike's fam! We ate many tasty meals (think shredded beef tacos, Cafe Rio pork salad, brisket) and just had fun hanging out. Mike went golfing with his dad, I had lots of girl talk and actually read quite a bit of my book as well. Ella and Addie LOVED playing with all their aunties, especially Chloe-Co. I'm just thinking I should have taken a video of Addie saying that name. I'll have to get on that :-)! Here are LOTS (and I mean lots) of pictures of our cute girls and some of the people who love them most.
We left in the afternoon when Mike got home, so here are the girls before we went about our normal morning business. Ella has been picking out her own outfits lately and Addie is stil obsessed with her shadow.

Finally, time to hit the road. Ella worked so hard making good choices the week of the trip so she could earn all her marbles in time to get "THE NEW ARIEL SHOW!!!!" for our 3 hour drive. I was just as excited as she was to see it :-)!

The girls got manicures and pedicures from Meema. Addie held so still and loved helping her nails dry by blowing on them.

Ella's picnic with Chloe and her friend. She felt SO big :-)! Addie managed to entertain herself as usual.

It was fun to have the whole family all together for church in the morning. We hurried out the door before I took a picture of the girls but they both did REALLY well in the new ward. After some initial hesitation, they both stuck it out on their own in their classes and I got to enjoy a Sunday surrounded by adults instead of 15 loud toddlers :-). Definitely a nice break.

I was determined to get some pictures of Ella and Addie in these outfits because the other times they have worn them I have forgotten and I LOVE them!

Addie and Meema's matching shoes :-).

They want to be just like everyone else...Chloe decided to eat an apple, so Ella decided to eat an apple, so Addie HAD to have an apple!
Mike's mom took this beautiful shot of Ella:
Ella helped make a delicious breakfast before she was off to play more Barbies with Chloe and Brittany. Click here to hear Brittany's great Ken voice :-).

Addie was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of this doll! It was on the floor by her high chair one afternoon when she was eating, not even moving, and she was completely turned the other way in the high chair to avoid seeing it. She would reach her little arm back to her bowl and try and grab some food really quickly before turning away again. I didn't catch that on video so I was completely cruel and we staged this "attack" of the rollerskating doll. I'm sorry Addie! Please forgive me :-)!
I tried to make it up to her later by following her around while she played outside in the heat. She is still in love with being outside no matter what the weather may be.

LOVE this one :-)!!!
Addie was collecting flour petals in her cup and then just dumped them.
Everyone decked out in their college/football team paraphenalia to take advantage of the free chicken strips offer at Chik-fil-A :-).
Thanks for the fun trip Freefam :-)!


Leighanna said...

Addie will sit still long enough to have her nails painted? WOW!!! I'm impressed. I can't get William to stay in one place long enough to comb his hair!

MelancholySmile said...

SUCH cute photos! I love the red shoes, and will have to find some for my little girly. Did you design your blog template yourself? I really like it.

Diane said...

How fun to relive the weekend through your great photos! We LOVED every minute of this visit! I missed everyone today when I found little reminders of Addie and Ella here and there while I was cleaning. Mike got his Mexico shirt, but he left his "brother's makenzie" shirt. ...just another reason to get together soon!

Marci said...

I got the blog template from - I wish I was better with computer stuff though :-)!

Jaimee said...

nothing better than tiny painted piggies!

Your photos are beautiful too...especially those shots on the flowered steps!!!

Pineapple Hill said...

What a fun trip. Diane, I LOVE your house, seeing the pictures makes me want to come visit again. It looks like the girls had a blast with all that lovin'!
Brittany's Ken voice is the bomb.

Emily said...

I love the Addie pedicure pics! What a cute chair she is sitting in! And the picture of Ella looking out the window is amazing! Glad you had fun although I'm shocked that you could enjoy church without being in nursery for two hours! ;)

Christina Bambina said...

cool trip! looks like you guys had a lot of fun! the house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Sarah S said...

Those red shoes are SO cute!! Fun pictures.