Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not Much

Mondays are usually pretty boring around here. We hit the grocery store and try to get all our other errands done so I don't have to worry about it the rest of the week. I have found that getting the girls in and out of the car, not to mention bringing snacks to hold them over, is quite a process (and a workout), and I like to get it all done in one shot. I also try and get everything done before naptime so we can avoid the crowds in the afternoon and just hang out at home (not that there are swarms of people around, but the mornings are nice and empty comparatively).
So, we have Ella trying out a new smile.
Addie not wanting to stand still or smile at me...typical. (my peek-a-boo trick is already losing it's power...any other suggestions?!)
Addie exploring outside all by herself. Today she was into flowers. And yes, those are supposed to be capris she is wearing :-).

I also tried to re-organize the girls' closets last night. I'm so ready for them to wear some fall clothes and it was fun to get it all out, although I realize we still have at least another month of tank top weather to get through. I did pack away some of the summer items...swimsuits, sundresses and sandals...just leaving out our favorites for one last wearing before being saved for the next in line.
In typical Addie fashion shoes were the big hit of the night. She was more than happy to let me try shoes on her and insisted on me doing every pair, even though some were obviously going to be WAY too big. She then became obsessed with some little frog slippers that my mom gave Ella "when she was little" and cried so much when I took them off for her bedtime stories that I just let her keep them on. I'm curious to see if the love is still there this morning.


Stephanie said...

Hi Marci, I want ashley's fall clothes out too, I'm the same way. I was just watching the today show and they had Stephanie Neilson's blog and family and all the videos and pictures and everyone on today.

Sarah S said...

I just organized Eli's closet and pulled out the clothes I had bought for the next size. I wish we had another month of summer weather... ours changed almost instantly after Labor Day. Now it's crisp and cool, especially in the mornings. I'm trying to hold off turning on the heat for a few more weeks though...

Kayley said...

hey I just added those comments widgets to my blog that you have- they're so cool!

Pineapple Hill said...

I LOVE Addie's capris!