Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Wednesday and Thursday

Tuesday night Ella told me she had a great idea and had me bring the camera into her room. And here is that beauty of an idea:

Ella helped me by "buckling" Addie into her carseat while I loaded the library books in the car.
Addie showing me all the ways she knows exactly what NOT to do...

Ella oftens gets her vacuum out when I'm vacuuming, but this time she did it all on her own. That little vacuum actually picks up some dirt, but when this happened I was thinking I should get a little one like we have in nursery that really works and doesn't need batteries. Maybe my floors will actually stay clean longer than one afternoon that way!
When Addie snagged the bag of carrots from me while I was making salad I figured, "Hey, if she wants to eat carrots, I'll let her go for it!" A little while later when I sat the girls down for dinner this is what came out of Addie's mouth. I wonder if by just holding them all in your cheeks you still absorb some of the nutrients :-).
Thursday morning we took Ella's friend Lauren to school with us and the girls had SO much fun waiting for it to be time to leave. I am tempted to invite different friends over EVERY morning because I was able to get so much done with both my girls occupied be a new presence in the house!

All this time I've been concerned that Addie girl was going to feel like she never had me to herself. Well, it turns out she doesn't really care. Sure, she was excited for me to play with just her for a little while and then after a few minutes she just got up and went and sat in the chair to be by herself. It actually gave me a great sense of relief that she really does like to be on her own!
Addie's beautiful scribbles :-). She LOVES to color! It is my go-to activity to keep her busy when we are out running errands and I thought this envelope was especially well done!
One reason I already LOVE preschool...look at everything Ella made in 2 days! I try to do little crafts with the girls every once in awhile, but I was impressed :-)! She is still loving school and wants to go everyday (and her favorite part is still going on the playground TWO times each day)!
Addie being a weirdo and "sitting" like this...for a long time.
My little kitchen helpers. We're all for one and one for all around here!

The girls were laughing hysterically while they did this :-).
I was taking some pictures for a family in our ward last night and Addie found a new friend. Yes, it is a dead, dried up worm. Ella was freaking out about it and I really had to restrain myself. If she likes picking up bugs, I figure, more power to her. She is a braver woman than I!
Here are a few of the pictures:

Hopefully I'll stay all caught up on my posts now and we can all avoid these LONG ones!


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

You do take very good pictures. I'm sure no one can tell the difference between me and Annie's pictures. :)

Pineapple Hill said...

Those pictures are great! Ella's school looks so fun:)

Katie B said...

Hi Marci! I just happened upon your blog from Kayley's and had fun looking at all your great pictures. Which included a beautifully decorated envelope from my parents! What a funny find. You're blogs great, thanks for sharing all your stories!