Friday, September 12, 2008

Video Updates

**UPDATE: It's 8:48pm and my parents' and grandparents' power is already out! CRAZY! The storm isn't even really here yet...we're going to pack just in case ours goes soon! Freemans, we may be coming :-)!**
We have been posting videos of the effects we are feeling here in Katy on YouTube about every hour.
Click here to see the progress.
We'll try and keep updating it as long as we can. The last one, taken a little after 8pm, makes me a little nervous because it is getting pretty windy out there and the storm is still 100 miles away from us!
(We've had some questions about where we are in relation to the cities being talked about. I like this map of the path and Katy is just a little bit to the direct left, or west, of Houston along the yellow line, which is I-10)
Here's the 8pm video:


Adams Family said...

holy crazy stuff!
good luck tonight!!
i've been glued to cnn all day watching this storm...thanks for the updates! Ü

michele cabiness said...

How scary, I can't believe you haven't left already. Do you have a basement or something?