Thursday, September 4, 2008

What About School?

So, we arrived home Monday night from San Antonio just in time for baths and bed. Ella was SO excited that I'm not sure how much sleep she got :-). We picked out her outfit (made much more difficult when I realized all the shoes that look cute with things at this time of year are sandals - not school appropriate!) and I left for a minute only to return to her perfectly laid out ensemble on the floor. Of course, I took a picture :-).

While we were getting ready in the morning I had my Playlist on to keep us company and Addie just sat right at the computer listening to all the songs for a long time.
Finally, time to hit the road! We had to try out her cute nap mat first though. Although I'm not the most crafty person around, I'm really good and thinking of ways for other people to use their talents :-). I had the brilliant idea to make a cover for Ella's nap mat so it would be softer and feel more like her own, but of course have no way to do this myself so I quickly called my mom. She is AMAZING and pulled through in a big way! Ella definitely has the cutest nap mat and pillow around! I hadn't imagined it as nearly this cute. Thanks Nana!

I have never been one for thinking socks look cute with most outfits (except pants), but I finally realize why kids where them so often...things are different when they are going to school all day! So, we are sacrificing a little fashion for comfort and playground readiness :-), definitely worth it!

Notice Ella's nervous hair grab and twirl upon entering the room.
All settled into her seat and looking more confident! Her teacher Miss Nikki is really sweet and I knew she was in good hands! Bye Ella :-(! She ran to give me one last hug and kiss :-).

Adeline all by herself in the strange! Immediately the questioning begins, "Lella? Lella? Where is it?" "Lella? Lella? Bye Bye."

Have you noticed Addie is actually smiling in some pictures lately? I finally discovered a new trick to get her...playing peek-a-boo from behind the camera! We'll see how long this one lasts :-)!
One trip to the grocery store, some playing, one meal and one quick nap later, it is time to pick Ella up already! They day flew by!
Proof of how exciting life is with me...both girls wanted to stay in the classroom instead of coming home :-)! Addie was crying as I forced her to leave.
Time to check her cubbie (sp?) before heading home. They decorated the bags they will be using the rest of the year. I love her school already :-)!

This was the cutest "sister moment" so far. Ella had this little frog sticker on hand which Addie, of course, immediately noticed (and wanted). Her repeated pleas of "sticker, sticker" began. Before I even asked Ella if maybe Addie could wear it a little while she said, "Here Addie. You can have my sticker because I got lots of things at school today." My heart melted :-).
It made these Princess flip flops that Addie and I picked up for her at the store (which she had been wanting all summer) as a back to school surprise seem very much deserved! We're so proud of you Ella Bella, our big preschool kid!
As I tried to make dinner however, all the love between them was lost and I shuttled them outside to eat popsicles and try to reconnect again :-).
When I tucked Ella in bed that night I gave her the run through of the next day (Wednesday): the gym, the library, etc.
Her response was, "What about school?!" I think she could have handled kindergarten this year :-)!

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Pineapple Hill said...

Ella sharing her stickers with Addie was the cutest thing ever.
I'm glad Addie is smiling for the camera these days!