Friday, September 12, 2008

Yesterday vs. Today

Yesterday we are all heading about doing our normal business, but today it is party day with Mike home from work and the hurricane not coming until tonight. As I take my turn on the computer, he is downstairs with Ella making his Awful Waffles and Addie is still sleeping away. Here are some highlights from yesterday:
Playing in the morning sunlight while we wait to head out to school. I was lying on Ella's bed reading while they played and ran to get my camera after witnessing some cute sister-sharing. Ella was sitting on her chair reading and Addie was hard at work in the kitchen. We have two little fake milk jugs in the kitchen and Addie walked over to Ella holding them both. She handed one to Ella and then they simultaneously pretended to drink from them. I wish I had captured it :-)!
All ready for school (and with shoes that actually kind of match her outfit too!).

Addie has been really clinging with "her stuff" lately. She either wants to bring her blanket or a stuffed animal with her when we head out the door (and obviously wants me to quit taking pictures of her!).

We left early to take Ella to school so we could fill up with gas on the way and we still made it there almost on time! When we got home I was rearranging our freezer to make room for more ice and frozen tupperware containers. When Addie spotted the popsicles there was no turning back.

I love how she is holding her little flower in one hand :-).
Working hard on their "homework"...don't worry, they aren't assigning preschool kids homework (yet) around here, but Ella thinks it's pretty cool to finish the papers she didn't finish at school after seeing her super cool aunts and uncle have homework of their own. Hopefully she'll always LOVE it, right :-)?!

Why let one hand go to waste when you can get twice as much colored?!
Mike just informed me it is feeling breezy outside already. It makes me want to hit the park and take advantage of the cooler temps. We'll see. Galveston has already experienced some damage from the storm surge. If you want to track Ike's attack on us, click here. I'll keep you all posted!


Jennifer and Jason said...

I hope you guys are okay!!

Pineapple Hill said...

Mike's Awful Waffles sound yummy! That is so funny with Addie putting a marker in each hand. When you were little you did that with treats!

Allie said...

I love Addie's independance and Ella's love for having her picture taken. You narrate them so well.