Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Day

We just got home from trick or treating. We had LOTS of fun and got LOTS of candy, but we're all so wiped out I'm not even uploading my pictures until tomorrow. Here are a few from earlier today though. I took the girls to get their flu shots finally...I know, I know, I'm a mean mom to take them on Halloween, but Fridays are really the only day we have and since everyone was well today we went for it. I had explained to Ella they were each going to get one shot to help them not get sick this winter and she thought it was a great idea (who wants to get sick?!). She talked about the shot freely and didn't seemed concerned at all, so when we got in the room I let her pick if she wanted to go first or have Addie get hers - bad idea. She wanted Addie to go first and when Addie cried a little during hers, Ella freaked! She was up next and was flailing all over and screaming bloody murder. As soon as the nurse gave her the shot she was fine, but man, oh man, that minute leading up to it was scary for us all I think :-). Luckily everyone survived and we tried to pass the day away waiting for evening to finally arrive! More on that tomorrow. (and yes, I took Ella to the doctor with curlers in her hair)

Ella's Funny Hat Parade

Yesterday Ella's preschool had a Funny Hat Parade. I was a little disappointed it wasn't an actual costume parade, but Ella didn't mind at all. She told me she did NOT want a "funny" hat, but loved the princess hat we found in Nana's dress up stuff. Grammy and Nana were able to come watch with me and Addie.


Ella loves Lauren :-)! I always get a Lauren-report after school about how funny she is (and you can see for yourself in the videos). They are good little friends.

Ella's whole class, including her teacher Miss Nikki (or Mickey as Ella still calls her) who we love.


It was Ella's lucky day. Lauren's mom, Melissa, also happens to be one of my visiting teachers and we went to the park right after school.


The exciting videos from the afternoon:
The "parade" itself...

The "Hats, hats, hats" song...

Another of the songs...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Addie Washing Her Hair

Tonight I washed Addie's hair and was working on Ella's when she started doing this over and over...trying to wash her own hair but throwing water in her own face instead. It was hilarious :-)! She seriously must have done it to herself nearly 10 times before finally stopping.

Casting Our Vote

This morning after dropping Ella off at school Addie and I headed out to take advantage of early voting. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this was my first time...and the first time in a long time I've actually had a driver's license for the state I'm living in. Everyone I had talked to told me they were in and out in no time at all, no lines, no waiting, SO easy. So, I must admit I was a little shocked when I pulled up to see this line...
And had to park WAY down there (yes, I am the last car that you can't even see in this line of cars)...
Luckily, although Addie didn't look to enthused to be involved in the voting process initially, she was a complete dream! She stood right by the stroller when I let her out (NOT typical Addie behavior) and put the handouts people gave us when we entered line to good use. Another bonus: the weather was GORGEOUS today! I kept thinking as I stood in line "Thank goodness the election isn't in August!"

The line actually moved pretty quickly and we were out of there in about 45 minutes. Hooray for voting :-)! I feel like I at least did my part this time around!

Halloween Party Time

We had a busy "Halloween day" yesterday. We started things off at Ella's library time. Addie was zipping around the aisles afterward and face planted on the carpet so she has a nice little rugburn on her nose for Halloween :-).


That afternoon we headed off to Mckell's for a little party...neither of us really knew anyone :-), but it was a lot of fun and the kids all got along great (not to mention enjoyed many tasty treats!). Ella is SO ECSTATIC that Halloween is TOMORROW!!!

Ella and Johnny :-), isn't that the cutest picture?!



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kleenex Necessary

Just a warning to get some kleenex before watching this. I have been checking in on the blog Melancholy Smile since watching the other video that she posted about Stephanie Nielson following her accident. As I sat and watched this, holding Ella on my lap and listening to the words of the sweet lullaby I completely lost it. Thinking of what these two brave little girls have been through, of their mother who would be so proud of them and would give anything to be able tell them that and of the love that this whole situation has brought out in people around the world, I just couldn't help it.

Nie Recovery Video from Cameron Trejo on Vimeo.

Cookie Chronicle

So, yesterday afternoon the girls and I set out to make some cookies with a Halloween twist that I saw on Annemarie's blog, TasteBuds. Making holiday cookies for people always sounds like such a nice, fun thing to do, and although it really is, it also ends up being much more of a production than originally intended. I think we are good now until we tackle Christmas sugar cookies (I'm scared already)! It really was a lot of fun for the most part....
Lots of taste-testing...Protecting our ear drums from the sound of the mixer, which really isn't that loud...
Checking out the progress...
Becoming hysterical when mom cuts off the dough supply and makes you wait for a finished cookie before eating anything else...


I really did feel bad. Addie was seriously inconsolable for quite awhile despite my best efforts at distractions. She's such a funny kid, look at those tears over cookie dough :-( ...
Finally, tasting the finished product...


Addie was, once again, hilarious. I think she thought I was going to take her cookie :-)! She would lean really far back and try not to make eye contact with me when I got close to take her picture (and look at the grip on that cookie!)...
The final verdict: DELICIOUS, devoured in seconds...


...and messy too!

Mystery Solved

Our main project yesterday was baking holiday cookies, which I'll be working on posting about next, but here are the other pics from the day.

We took out Ella's curlers in the morning and despite the fact that her hair was hardly curled she told me she didn't like it still and wanted to wear her hair in a ponytail. Then she told me, "I don't look like Ella with my hair curled." Mystery solved :-). I'm still going to try to talk her into letting me curl it for Halloween, but we'll see how it goes.


Addie got a special treat after her library storytime...a little ghost cookie which she quickly devoured!


As I tried to finish up our "fun" cookie baking activity, Ella got out the broom and started sweeping. How I wish she was more effective at this task! It would be such a help :-)! I am glad she tries of these days she'll get it right.