Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lunchbox Ladies

I won Addie's lunchbox awhile back. At the time I thought, "Of all the dang blog contests I enter, this is the one I win?!" But a year later it has actually come in quite handy. Addie LOVES it and feels so big. When we arrive at the playground she wants to eat from it right away and then carries it around with her the whole time. It just goes to show I should have a better attitude :-)!


On the schedule yesterday:
Pay the bills, Put away the laundry (that I finally folded AND ironed!), Make the pancakes Ella has been begging for, Finish the vacuuming (that my mom so kindly started on my bad day), Clean the bathrooms, Go to the park play date, Work on my Blurb book, Play with the girls, Write in Addie's journal, Go to work.
On the schedule today:
Finish the vacuuming, Clean the bathrooms, Write in Addie's journal, Go to a baby shower, Start the food prep for the family party tomorrow, Play with the girls, Take pictures of Addie in her cute birthday outfit in case it rains tomorrow, Go to work.
Any guesses which items will for sure be crossed off the list today?!
Definitely the fun stuff again (which means you'll see me at the baby shower)! Although I am running out of time to procrastinate the not-so-fun stuff.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My First Freezer Meal

On Sunday I made all the freezer meals for my group. We aren't exchanging them until next week, but with Addie's birthday celebration this weekend, I decided to just get it done! (not to mention that Mike cooks our dinner on Sunday so that meant I wouldn't have to cook twice!) Ella took this picture for me before we got started and I must say I was impressed by her artistic angle :-). The cute apron was my Christmas present from Kayley and it's gotten lots of use already...I'm sure it will look even cuter when I'm not pregnant :-). If you want all the details of how the meal went, and the recipe, check it out on my recipe blog On My Menu.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adeline Amani is 2 !!!!


Our little Addie girl is TWO today! We had her two year check up this morning (I don't plan it that way on purpose, it just seemed to be the best day this week) and she is 33 1/4" tall, weighs 26.8 lbs. and her head is 19" around. I'm not so sure how reliable these measurements are though, it was a new nurse. If they are correct, she is a little shorter than Ella, a little heavier than her and their heads are exactly the same :-).
Addie is definitely an independent child with a mind of her own. We love her little jokester personality and I even love her sometimes defiant attitude...I hope it will serve her well later in life. I really feel like over the past month she has suddenly become much more mature. She is communicating so much better, listening more often and her imagination has taken off. She loves princesses, books, coloring and accessorizing. She definitely has a big sweet tooth, but most the time she'll eat her regular food too :-).
We love you Adeline!


(actual words to the song: "Clean-up, Clean-up, Everybody Everywhere. Clean-up, Clean-up, Everybody Do Your Share."
And in case you missed it the first time I posted it...

Future Girls Rock Band

Anna on the piano, Ella as the dancer/manager/teacher, and Addie on vocals.


Ella was worried she would upset Anna at first, but we all soon realized that Anna liked her the best of all of us :-). It was the Ella show from then on! (she's such a good big sister!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeling Thankful

I sometimes think it would be nice if my family didn't all live right here together, not because I don't LOVE having them close, but because I feel the quality of our time together goes down a notch. We get together to eat dinner or celebrate a holiday and then we all rush back to our own busy lives...we aren't just there, in one house, for an extended amount of time just to enjoy each other's company.

Today, however, I am feeling extremely thankful that we are only a phone call away! On mornings like this one when I am feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed by my life, my church calling, my house, my children and my exhausted know that I can call my mom, in tears, and she can be here in minutes to help me is definitely worth any other trade-offs. Thanks mom :-)! I love you!

Just Another Day

Addie and I went to my doctor yesterday and she did great again. She kept telling me over and over "Mommy's doctor" to reassure herself I'm guessing that nothing would happen to her on this visit :-)...too bad tomorrow it's her turn! We heard Preston's little heart beating away and that was about it. I got some other suggestions of things to do to help me with my sleeping problems, but no amazing break throughs. I did sleep better last night, mostly because my body had reached a state of complete exhaustion, but I'll take it. The next appointment is my glucose test (blah!), so Addie won't be tagging along and then my doctor said I start coming every 2 weeks already...I can't believe it! May is going to be here before I know it and I hope we're ready!

Addie vehemently refused my repeated offers of going to the library to "sing with all the babies" so we just went home. Hopefully we'll make it to Ella's storytime's cold and I don't feel like trying to look cute, so we'll see :-). It is the puppet show though, so I'll make a valiant effort.


...The girls dancing around...and remember those princess books I mentioned yesterday, Addie still loves them even without their box...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just for Me

Just some current Ella things I don't want to forget...
-She is very disappointed we don't have an actual mailbox in front of our house. Whenever we drive by a house with one (and she always notices) she is thoroughly jealous :-)! She has asked me if we can put one in front of our house and was really excited when we arrived at her friend's birthday party a couple weeks ago and she had one! I must admit that I sometimes I wish it was right out our front door too.
-Ella loves to come and give me big hugs at random times lately...I love it.
-She is a good helper and even helps me clean up Addie's messes.
-Today as Addie and I were walking in to pick Ella up, one of the other moms told me, "All I hear about from Carson is Ella! He calls her beautiful Ella and thinks she's so nice." Should I be worried that boys are already calling her beautiful?!

Picture Post


Addie and her headbands :-)...that can't be comfortable! Saturday Ella had a little primary activity and I got as many errands done in that hour that I could!

Sunday morning. I don't know why these turned out blurry, but the girls looked cute and preppy.
I decided Sunday afternoon was the best day to prepare my freezer meals since Mike makes our dinner and next weekend is Addie's birthday. It took me a little over 4 hours to do it all, but it's done! We're going to eat ours this week, so I'll post more about the preparation later. The girls playing while mom was in the kitchen...


Ella's latest favorite thing to do is help me cut out coupons...she loves anything that involves cutting! I have to be sure to wait for her to come sit with me and then we start clipping. I give her the sheets I am done with and she cuts every remaining coupon out. I've used a couple of hers just because I feel bad she went to so much work :-). (and you'll notice Addie is back to her closed-eye smile again)
Monday = errand-day for us, and we were all over the place yesterday! I'm not going anywhere but school and the library for the rest of the week! Mike's parents gave Ella this princess book boxed set a long time ago...I think she was younger than Addie when she got it. Ella kept it in pristine condition all those years and Addie, on the other hand, has managed to completely destroy it (the books have survived however). It has definitely been one of our most well loved toys and yesterday I finally threw the box sad.


A great $1 store purchase...the girls LOVE to watch this thing spin! They get so excited when they look out the window and see it going around :-).


Did anyone hear about the woman who just gave birth to octuplets?! I didn't even know the word octuplets existed (and proof that maybe it doesn't...the word comes up spelled wrong when I check my post)! Can you even imagine?! I think I'll keep my pregnancy induced insomnia, thank you very much! (and by the way, yesterday I woke up at 4:30am, but today I slept till my alarm at 7:30am...hallelujah! I go to the doctor today so I'm going to ask her for some tips)
(and I'll post pictures later today)

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Bachelor Drama

I'm typing my notes while we watch the show tonight :-):
-Oh, the singing...Stephanie, Nikki and Lauren didn't do so hot. Goofy is definitely the way to go in that situation (for anyone that is ever in that situation later in life)!
-Molly definitely had a good date. She's cute and seems natural and sincere I think.
-Mike's advice to Jason at the start of the group date...don't marry the best actress :-).
-It would be sooo weird to watch him kissing the other girls...yuck!
-I feel bad for Nikki, but she has some issues...she was crying this whole episode it seemed.
-Please cut Meagan...she's driving me crazy...and her kiss was a little forceful! I'm hoping after their awkward one on one time where she was trying desperately to hint around for a kiss and he didn't give it to her she's a goner.
-Liking Lauren less and less tonight.
-Melissa is just too cute. How could he not like her?! And obviously he does.
-Shannon is just crazy...and her kiss was denied...ouch!
-How'd you like to be Jason giving that rose out on the group date? I wouldn't! The mood was definitely tense out there.
-I'm thinking it's bye bye Nikki on the 2-on-1 date, but we shall see.
-Stephanie is just always so intense and speaks so properly all the time...nothing wrong with it, just an observation :-).
-I really thought he might go with Nikki by the end of the date...poor Nikki...I hope she'll be ok.
-We love that some thug guy in a dark, hooded sweatshirt comes and takes the bags away when one of the girls gets sent home on a date.
-Melissa may be in the lead now I think! She definitely doesn't have anything to worry about for awhile.
-Did Meagan really say "OMG am I really gonna be here?"?! Those teenagers she coaches have rubbed off on her a little too much.
-Loved Lauren's little clip where she says to the camera, "...cause we're getting marr-ied!"
-My guesses for the 2 being cut right before the ceremony...Shannon and Meagan (and back-up choice Lauren).
-I was totally right :-), kind of! I definitely wasn't expecting him to cut all three, but I couldn't decide between them either. Interesting!
-Good luck to Shannon getting dates after her parting comment about giving her puppies french kisses...yuck!
Who do you think is going to win it all? I'll put in a vote for I don't know...Jillian? I definitely think the final 3 will be Jillian, Melissa and Stephanie.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Can't I Just Have 2?!

So, when it comes to my pregnancies I really try not to complain about my current state (well, Mike may disagree...I do like to use it as an excuse for him to do things for me. For example, "Mike, can you get me some water from downstairs? I'm pregnant!"). I know that overall I am extremely blessed. I am pregnant for starters, everything is going well for baby Preston thus far (he's healthy and developing properly), and I am lucky enough to not have gotten really sick with any of my pregnancies...and by that I mean, I've never thrown up. So I may be pushing my luck to complain at all, but as I sit here at 5am typing this blog entry, I have just 2...and surely I am allowed that, right?!

First, my skin issues. Have any of you experienced the "pregnancy glow"? I, for one, haven't! This pregnancy, however, has definitely been the worst. From about 4 weeks on I felt like a teenager again, and now this dry weather has only made things worse! I don't like to wear makeup everyday, but honestly I don't have much of choice right now (hence my new compensation motto). Is it really necessary for us to be given another reason to not feel cute when we are already struggling?!

Secondly, and the reason I am up right now anyway...Pregnancy Induced Insomnia (self-diagnosed). I experienced this to a degree with each of the girls, but it has been out of control this time around! First of all, it started at the beginning of the pregnancy, which is entirely not fair! We all know by the end there is no comfortable way to sleep anyway and that people like to try and make you feel better by explaining, "It's just your body's way of preparing you for not getting sleep when the baby comes." Well, I think that is a bunch of bologna! I can assure you that the best way to prepare me for a baby keeping me up all night is by letting me get LOTS of sleep until that day arrives! What good does it do anyone to enter a state of perpetual exhaustedness by already being exhausted?! There have been a few instances where I can't fall asleep at night, despite my body and mind desperately wanting to, but more frequently I wake up (to go to the bathroom of course...another pregnancy perk) and then I can't fall back asleep. Sometimes this happens at 3am, sometimes at 5am and most commonly at 4am, as it did this morning. I get up and try to remain in as sleepy a state a possible, take care of business and climb back into bed as carefully as possible so as not to disturb Mike. Typically all seems to be progressing along at first. Then usually I need to switch the side I'm laying on (part of my problem is probably that I am a tummy sleeper when it isn't bulging out), which involves moving my body pillow and trying to keep all the blankets on me at the same time while not moving the bed too much...tricky. After giving that side a fair shot my mind begins to wander. I come up with all kinds of great ideas at this time because I cannot get my brain to be quiet! I have developed multiple plans and back-up plans for what to do with the bedroom situation when the baby comes (which we have not decided on by the way), meal ideas for the week, things I need to do in the morning-in order of importance, people to email, blogs to post, shows on the DVR I need to watch, etc. until I finally decide laying in bed is pointless and I may as well be productive if I'm going to be awake anyway...not to mention I am now suddenly hungry. This morning (it is now 6am) I have unloaded the dishwasher, switched the laundry, organized 2 kitchen drawers, enjoyed a ricecake sandwich with turkey and tomato (it was delish) and checked my email and blog updates (a big thank you to those of you who posted after 10:30pm central time last night for giving me something to read this morning). I am just now feeling tired again, which would be great, except the girls will now be up in about an hour and Mike will be teaching seminary, which means I'm in charge. Right now I'm thinking 3 kids is definitely enough!

(and please forgive any typos...I'm not operating on much sleep!)
(and thank you Mike for letting me sleep in until nearly 9am yesterday morning so I was at least well rested going into this mess!)

No more complaining from me now...promise!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


My current motto: If you don't feel cute yourself, then make your kids extra cute to compensate. (then everyone will be so busy noticing their new hair-dos, they won't even look at you :-)!)

A group of us are trying our hand at a freezer meal swap. We had our big meeting and picked our recipes on Friday before heading to the park to meet up with other church friends. For some reason I thought picking the enchilada recipe was a good idea, but after buying most the ingredients today I'm rethinking that decision :-). We are swapping our meals and splitting our costs the first Wednesday of February so I'll let you know how it goes...I'm excited to give it a try!

Friday, January 23, 2009

All Addie, All Day

Yesterday Addie and I dropped Ella off for school at 9:30am and then it was just the two of us ALL day long! Ella went home from school with Lauren and we didn't see her until 5pm! Being a mom is a weird thing, because multiple times each and every day I think, "If I could just have some time to myself!" but then I really do miss these crazy kids when they aren't with me. As excited as I am for Ella to start kindergarten in the fall, I know I'm going to miss her when she's gone for 7-8 hours a day...and Addie is REALLY going to miss her too! They are little buddies (most of the time) and throughout the day she would ask "Ella? Ella?" or tell me "Ella at school!" Addie and I did have fun together though...she always makes me laugh. She is talking up a storm now and her little voice is just SO cute. Some of my favorite Addie words from yesterday:
"I did it!" (which she says the whole time we play play-doh).
"I get it!" (as she chased a butterfly out of the yard)
"Baby Toot" (telling my mom the baby crab in the book was Cute)
"I scared!" (of the play-doh coming out of the toy pictured later in the post)




The scary play-doh contraption I mentioned before. As I pushed the play-doh out of it Addie ran away and said "I scared," but then came back for more :-).


Her favorite toys are choking hazards...I'm a great mom :-). She really loves putting little things in and out of their containers though...she'll do it for hours. Just look how happy she is :-)!



Mike tutored last night from 5-7pm, so he just missed seeing Ella before leaving. After tucking Addie in bed I let her stay up to wait for him to come home. She almost fell asleep waiting and I wanted to get a picture, but when she heard the camera turn on a big smile spread across her face :-). Then when Mike arrived home Ella suddenly started to cry because Addie had colored in one of her coloring books during the day. She has been taking her coloring really seriously now, and I must admit she has improved a lot. She is so proud of each part of a picture she finishes and always comes to ask me if I like the latest part she has completed. Ella had never told me she was upset about this particular book though, sometimes she just needs her dad. Her little face was so sad :-(, but we carefully cut out the pages Addie ruined and we are keeping the book far out of her reach now!