Sunday, February 1, 2009

And She KNOWS It!

Addie looks beautiful in her birthday outfit...and you can tell she knows it :-)!
(not to mention the fact that I found her admiring herself in the mirror after we took these pictures)
(and a BIG thanks to Nana for the cute skirt and headband...they far exceeded what I had imagined!)
Here's our little photoshoot this afternoon...and pretty much every picture because I just loved them all!







When my mom brought over the skirt and headband a couple days ago Addie wanted NOTHING to do with the headband. I got her to leave it on for the pictures and she decided that she liked it. When we came inside she wouldn't take it off and then I found her smiling at herself in the mirror with it on. When I came in to take her picture she wanted to brush her teeth though...she LOVES that too :-).


Annemarie said...

SO CUTE!!! She looks adorable in her birthday outfit!!

Katie B said...

holy smokes, those are fantastic pictures! She's usually not so smiley, I guess she realized how adorable she is. My favorite is the one where she's sitting on the ground with her feet out and the skirts spread out around her. Great job!

michele cabiness said...

That is absolutely adorable! Happy Birthday Addie.

Heather said...

Your little Addie is so cute and I saw the darling skirt your mom made on her blog! She just looks too cute all done up with the skirt and the headband!

Melissa said...

That outfit is adorable!

The Chrissy Herself said...

I am convinced now that every photoshoot needs to contain a tule skirt and matching headband. So stock up for the family pics, Marc.

Christina Bambina said...

The other day I thought that this girl couldn't get any cuter, that she was at the top of the cuteness meter... well, with this outfit she is just off the charts!!!!! SO ADORABLE!

Sarah S said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful 2-year-old!! Happy Birthday Addie! Marci, your mom is amazing. I love the skirt!

Kayley said...

OH MY GOSH she looks SO CUTE! I LOOOOOVE the entire outfit...and her!!

Stephanie said...

Oh wow, with the sun and the bright colors, those are so fun to look at. Hope she had a great party! Happy Birthday Addie, what a cutie! And I love the attitude.

Lindsey said...

So cute! She looks so happy too. It's fun to be 2!

Pineapple Hill said...

She's just so YUMMY!

McKell and John said...

i have to know where you got that shirt and bow, it is the cutest ever!