Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bachelor thoughts

-So annoying when girls with roses come and interrupt the one-on-one time Jason is having with other girls ( ex. Molly, who is a little irritating anyway - I think it was a bad call to give her a rose on the group date).
-Love that Raquel went and sat in the car and waited for her chance to talk to Jason (I also like that she said she wouldn't want the man she marries to to get remarried if she dies...I always tell Mike he better not :-).
-Drama between Erica and Megan (I don't particularly like either of them, but Erica was a little dramatic).
-I like Melissa...Mike and I think she looks like Jessica Simpson with brown hair, she also looks the most like DeAnna (and has the southern accent too).
-I like Natalie, Jillian, and Stephanie (her story is so sad).
-He did keep the stalker girl Shannon again ...she is weird and annoying.
-All my favorites are still in it, but I was surprised he kept Erica and Shannon over Raquel, oh well.

And has anyone been watching Mama's Boys? Well, it's hilarious and gives more proof that children should always listen to their mothers :-)!
Now...on to American Idol :-)!


Annemarie said...

Love your Bachelor thoughts (and agree with all of them)!! I haven't watched the other show, but have heard it's hilarious!

Kayley said...

those were fun to read- I totally agree with you on everything! They're really good at making the next episode look sooooo good- I'm dying to see next Monday's!

Pineapple Hill said...

I am so NOT impressed with Molly after that. Totally Tacky~

Harrington said...

I am addicted to the Bachelor. I have been watching since season 1. I can't believe that DeAnna comes back. I think she did make a mistake and wonder what Jason will do. My husband and I also really like Mama's boys. It is hilarious. I can't stand Mrs B. No one would ever be perfect for her son Jo Jo.