Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bachelor Update

Things are picking up and getting more interesting on The Bachelor, huh?!
My thoughts throughout the show...
-I think my early favorite to win may be Stephanie. We'll see :-).
-Meagan on the group date did NOT impress. She made some comments that really had Mike and I laughing...she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Then during her one on one time when she told Jason about how she's not used not having people appreciate her or thanking the Lord she's in their life, I was thinking, that's not why you are supposed to help people!
-Nikki's one on one time during the group date didn't go so well so I was surprised when they kissed the night of the rose ceremony.
-Jillian and Melissa's one on one times were great...they are still in the running for sure!
-Natalie, oh Natalie :-). I couldn't believe she made him wait so long when he came to pick her up and the longer their date went on, the less I liked her. Her exit was definitely entertaining though! (and no more blondies in the house now)
-I still think the private performances on the dates are SUPER awkward!
-I agree with Lauren that Meagan and Erica should go, but don't know that I would have said it to Jason right then.
-Although I really like Molly, Lauren, Melissa and Naomi, I don't think any of them are ready to jump in to the role of mother to a 3 year old.
-I was surprised to see Shannon stay another week, but even more surprised he kept Meagan...get her out of here!
Can't wait for next week...looks like DRAMA!


Diane said...

Agreed. On all counts. I will just add that Stephanie's eyebrows are bad. And what happened to Nikki? She was so cool and collected at first, drawing the first impression rose, and a safe bet to go all the way. Suddenly she is unattractively insecure and trying to make up for it by over-exposing her chest.

Leighanna, Reid and William said...

I am putting in my vote now that Jillian wins the whole thing. We'll see if I change my mind later. I really like her.

janessa gibson said...

I laughed when Natalie told Jason "I like bears" when he asked to know more about her. :) Some of these girls are just hilarious. I like Stephanie too, but sometimes I think she's almost too motherly and not romantic wife-like....

Marci said...

I agree about Stephanie, but we'll see what happens. As Mike says, Jason is a little weird himself sometimes so he may like some of the girls who are a little different in their own ways :-).

Chalonn said...

I hear ya...goodbye Megan...She really bugs me! Oh, and glad Natalie made a dramatic exit..showed her true colors..

Kayley said...

I agree with every single thing you said. His date with Stephanie was just so perfect and they really did look like a little family. I hope he picks her! (I CAN'T STAND Meagan either!)