Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to School

It's back to school time and Ella was SO excited for preschool! All morning she kept telling me things like,
"I wonder what we'll learn about today."
"I wonder who is bringing snack."
"Is it gym day or music day?"
"I'm going to ask Miss Nikki what she got for Christmas!"
Addie and I have mainly been hanging out at home since it is rainy and still a little chilly out. She is fully enjoying being able to play with any toy she wants uninterrupted :-). I'm not even going to try and get her to take a nap...I'm just going to let her play and enjoy her alone time (especially since I would end up waking her up to go pick up Ella anyway).
Ella wanted to wear her favorite outfit on the first day back to school. I'm getting a little nervous about her taste in clothes (we were at a resale shop yesterday and she kept pointing out really ugly things as being SO beautiful)...here's hoping it improves with age.


Stephanie said...

I think Ella will have great taste, all the girls in your family seem too. But, I understand the fear, Ashley always brings me the ugliest purses. I'm glad Ella likes school so much.

Pineapple Hill said...

I think it's so cute how Ella loves school so much.

Kayley said...

that is so cute how Ella loves school so much!

Kayley said...

ok I just posted that and then saw it was the exact same thing mom said...sorry!

Chalonn said...

This post made me laugh...I too notice how London has no fashion taste at all...however, I love seeing Ella pose and think that it's beautiful. She has all the confidence she needs and I think that b/c she has a cute mommy, she'll be alright!

Christina Bambina said...

given the "jeans" in your family (haha) I'm sure she'll ave great taste!

It's great that she loves school!