Monday, January 5, 2009

Church Pictures

As I've mentioned before, the weather here can change drastically in only a few hours. Saturday our high was 82 degrees. Yesterday morning when we left for church at 9am (HOORAY for early church again!!!) it was 73 and when we left a few hours later it had already dropped to 58! Today the high is only 47 and although I wish it was warmer for running errands (we have TONS!), I'm very, very thankful that I at least don't have to deal with snow!




Sarah S said...

Beautiful pictures!! And I'm sure it was a shock to drop almost 20 degrees in such a short time. We have 1:00 church now and I would go back to the 9:00 time in an instant.

chloe_rocks said...

this is chloe... ella and Addie look absolutly ADORABLE!!!! i wish we could visit you guys more often! i love the girls dresses and addie (as always) i rockin' the gold 'sparkly' shoes! :)

Kayley said...

cute pictures- to make you feel better it snowed soooooooooo much today while I was at at school, a huge clump of snow fell right on my head from a tree while I was trying to uncover my car (so by the time I got home my hair was all wet) and when Scott and I went to run errands later the door to the car was frozen shut.