Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just for Me

Just some current Ella things I don't want to forget...
-She is very disappointed we don't have an actual mailbox in front of our house. Whenever we drive by a house with one (and she always notices) she is thoroughly jealous :-)! She has asked me if we can put one in front of our house and was really excited when we arrived at her friend's birthday party a couple weeks ago and she had one! I must admit that I sometimes I wish it was right out our front door too.
-Ella loves to come and give me big hugs at random times lately...I love it.
-She is a good helper and even helps me clean up Addie's messes.
-Today as Addie and I were walking in to pick Ella up, one of the other moms told me, "All I hear about from Carson is Ella! He calls her beautiful Ella and thinks she's so nice." Should I be worried that boys are already calling her beautiful?!


kelley said...

It is never to early to worry!!!!
She is beautiful and nice. Sometimes I wish I had a mailbox in my front yard also. It is handy to put balloons on when there is a party.

Pineapple Hill said...

Yep. Add it to the list right now. I miss having a mailbox too!

Ella is beautiful inside and out. There's no doubt about it. She was so sweet when we were playing barbies today. Addie was napping so it was fun with just the 2 of us and when I had to leave I said, Ella, you're just the cutest.." She sweetly tilted her head to one side and said aanndd ADDIE. What a nice sis!