Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lunchbox Ladies

I won Addie's lunchbox awhile back. At the time I thought, "Of all the dang blog contests I enter, this is the one I win?!" But a year later it has actually come in quite handy. Addie LOVES it and feels so big. When we arrive at the playground she wants to eat from it right away and then carries it around with her the whole time. It just goes to show I should have a better attitude :-)!


On the schedule yesterday:
Pay the bills, Put away the laundry (that I finally folded AND ironed!), Make the pancakes Ella has been begging for, Finish the vacuuming (that my mom so kindly started on my bad day), Clean the bathrooms, Go to the park play date, Work on my Blurb book, Play with the girls, Write in Addie's journal, Go to work.
On the schedule today:
Finish the vacuuming, Clean the bathrooms, Write in Addie's journal, Go to a baby shower, Start the food prep for the family party tomorrow, Play with the girls, Take pictures of Addie in her cute birthday outfit in case it rains tomorrow, Go to work.
Any guesses which items will for sure be crossed off the list today?!
Definitely the fun stuff again (which means you'll see me at the baby shower)! Although I am running out of time to procrastinate the not-so-fun stuff.


Pineapple Hill said...

But the fun stuff is so much more fun:)

Diane said...

Addie is so cute holding her toothbrush....and Ella's hair is sooo long!

kelley said...

Not to'll get it all done and if you don't...what the heck. It won't be the end of the world. Take it from someone that knows.

Melissa said...

Hey I'm impressed with everything you've gotten done. I'm so bad about my kid's journals (and my own for that matter!) I'll be stuck with about half of the stuff on my list for today at the end of the day, I'm sure :)