Friday, January 30, 2009

My First Freezer Meal

On Sunday I made all the freezer meals for my group. We aren't exchanging them until next week, but with Addie's birthday celebration this weekend, I decided to just get it done! (not to mention that Mike cooks our dinner on Sunday so that meant I wouldn't have to cook twice!) Ella took this picture for me before we got started and I must say I was impressed by her artistic angle :-). The cute apron was my Christmas present from Kayley and it's gotten lots of use already...I'm sure it will look even cuter when I'm not pregnant :-). If you want all the details of how the meal went, and the recipe, check it out on my recipe blog On My Menu.


Katie B said...

That is one great apron- and I think you look ESPECIALLY cute in it pregnant!

Pineapple Hill said...

I agree. You look so cute pregnant. I might have to steal your picture modeling it for my Pineapple Hill Blog!

Diane said...

How nice to see the rare photo of our blog author. You really should give the camera to Ella more often!