Monday, January 12, 2009

Our First Taste of Destruction

Although Addie is generally a more feisty and opinionated child than Ella was, she still is pretty well behaved for her age. She doesn't always listen, but she will usually help us clean up and she tries to take care of her toys.
Last night Mike and I were settling in downstairs to watch 24 (hooray for FINALLY have some new shows to watch around here!) and he heard Ella crying upstairs. She's been having growing pains in her legs lately and he went up to check on her. He said he could hear Addie thrashing around in her room as well, but she often plays for awhile before going to bed so we didn't think anything of it.
Later that night we went to check on the girls before we went to bed and we discovered what Miss Adeline had been so busy doing in her bed...


We've had our fair share of accidents around here, but this was our first taste of a child purposely destroying something. This morning when I went to get her out of bed she looked guilty. It was so funny. She is usually jumping around all happy and today she just looked down at the book and didn't really make eye contact with me. We "talked" a little about being nice and soft with our books and how sad it is that we can't read Cinderella anymore and I had her throw all the pieces in the trash. I guess only time will tell if she really understood and until then, no more paper books in bed :-)!
Yesterday after church we had dinner with my family to celebrate my Dad's birthday. There were actually the correct amount of candles on the the preparation took sometime (just joking dad :-). Happy Birthday!



Pineapple Hill said...

That is so sad for Addie. I can just imagine her little face this morning. It's pretty amazing that that was actually your first such incident. Thanks for the pics and video of dad.

Diane said...

Fun birthday. Sad for Addie. Sad for Ella's growing pains...we rubbed Mike's little legs many nights at that age.

Kayley said...

that is so funny... I think you handled it really well though! That's cute she looked guilty in the morning:)

Brittany said...

Addie is destructive, who would have thought, and I love that Mike has you saying "thrashing around" :)