Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Did anyone hear about the woman who just gave birth to octuplets?! I didn't even know the word octuplets existed (and proof that maybe it doesn't...the word comes up spelled wrong when I check my post)! Can you even imagine?! I think I'll keep my pregnancy induced insomnia, thank you very much! (and by the way, yesterday I woke up at 4:30am, but today I slept till my alarm at 7:30am...hallelujah! I go to the doctor today so I'm going to ask her for some tips)
(and I'll post pictures later today)


Samantha said...

I am not sure how far along you are but when I was pregnant with Alex...7 years ago, I took tylenol pm or benadryl toward the end to get a good nights sleep and it worked great!

Annemarie said...

Ambien. I have friends who took it during their pregnancies & it made a world of difference.

Allie said...

Marci, by the sound of your comment it sounds like you did get my email but I didn't get anything back. It is so weird, I haven't gotten any emails from you in a long time. I always just see the emails when others reply all, that is when I can see what you've written. I've checked my settings and can't figure out what is wrong. He is sleeping much better now but I am still interested in what you do. Would you email me what you said in facebook or on a comment on my blog. Or you can email me at loweallie@yahoo.com too. Thanks marci.