Friday, February 27, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

Well, so much for life not being exciting and not having anything to blog about.
This morning as the girls and I were rushing to get ready and head out the door I noticed the washing machine was leaking water all over the laundry room. After cleaning it all up, with every towel we own, and hanging them out to dry (thank goodness for another hot, sunny day!), I dug through all our paperwork to find out if the washer was still covered by it's warranty. When we moved into our house over 2 years ago and bought the new appliances we ended up buying the extended warranty for them all. Not long after Mike and I were both second guessing that decision (especially Mike), but hopefully it has now paid off. The good news is that the warranty is still good until November 2009 (I was a little panicked that it may have expired this past when my cell phone died 2 weeks after its one year warranty), the bad news is that I was told the soonest they could come out was March 9th!!! How am I supposed to live without a washer for that long?! Well, of course, the second piece of good news is that my family does live nearby so I can borrow their washer next week to do our laundry. Seriously though, over a week before someone can come seems a little ridiculous! So, I'm just throwing this out there for whoever was responding to my last post :-) I feel my life is completely exciting again and nothing else needs to pop up out of nowhere to surprise me, thank you very much!
(And also a message to my appliances... If you are planning on having any other issues, please do so before November! It would be very much appreciated!)

And a big thanks to Emily for sharing this with me was just the laugh I needed :-)!


Pineapple Hill said...

You're so lucky you got that warranty! I love the cartoon. Thanks for shaing the laugh:)

Jaimee said...

We just renewed all of our warranties last we're safe too! Good luck, hang in there :)

kelley said...

There is a washer and dryer here for your use anytime. Funny cartoon, it made me laugh.