Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick Thoughts

On the Bachelor:
-Jillian's family was SO cute! I wanted to go hang out with them! Jason fit in really well and I think she is my current front runner.
-Melissa's family let her down...especially her brother. Obviously her parents are really private (and a little weird) if they don't even know her friends, but her brother could have been there for her. I think it will come down to her and Jillian in the end...we'll see.
-Molly's family had some weird moments, but overall seemed to go well. Jason is a little goofy at times too so I don't think it freaked him out. I think she is gorgeous and sweet, but I think she is the least mature and ready for motherhood of the 3 left.
-Naomi...oh, poor Naomi! Her family was just out there, from one extreme to the other. I thought she would be the one to go and was glad she was, although she seems like a nice girl.

On my life:

-I had another ultrasound today to check out if my placenta has moved. It was "low-lying" at the 20 week ultrasound (which basically means no high-impact aerobics or running...good thing I don't do that when I pregnant anyway!), so we'll see what the doc says in a few days. Preston is definitely a boy! I asked the technician to double check for me (better safe than sorry, and we haven't painted anything yet!) and we both saw "it" plain and clear. She asked if I wanted a picture and I politely refused :-), although I did get another of his little profile.
-I did get some pictures of the girls today, but I have been tired lately. I think I may have mono...probably not, but I seriously feel like I could sleep all day everyday and since my insomnia has been cured I guess I'll just blame it on baby growing.
-Addie continues to refuse to wear her pink glitter shoes, which I don't understand at all. She'll only wear her little red loafers. It will be interesting to see what she moves on to once those are too small (and the time is getting near).
-And lastly, as I was leaving the hospital today I was walking out behind a couple. The woman was quite pregnant and her husband was wearing a T-shirt that read on the back, "I apologize in advance for staring at your boobs." I found this both hilarious and shocking (and important enough that I quickly wrote it down when I got to the car so I wouldn't forget). It is one thing that the man even owns the shirt in the first place, it is quite another that he wore it to his wife's (or girlfriend's) appointment! She's got a keeper :-)!


Annemarie said...

I agree with everything you said about the Bachelor!

Do you have placents previa?

A t-shirt like that is...well, it's something alright!

Stephanie said...

I'm laughing right now, I love the shirt. I'm not so sure, I think Melissa's family may cost her more than we think. Molly seems like his favorite to me. I did like Jill's family. What was up with that preview with Deanna?

We should talk about our placentas, that would be fun, huh? They said mine was low and I have to go back and check later to make sure it has moved. Is that what you are doing too? They didn't tell me no running or high impact, must have known from looking :)

Marci said...

Stephanie you make me laugh! And Annemarie, they haven't called it placenta previa, I don't think it's that serious. She told me I could do the eliptical at the gym, etc. (although I think I've been twice since they told me that :-).

michele cabiness said...

I'm almost too embarrassed to tell you....but when Nick and I got married he had a shirt that said "Hold my beer while I kiss your girlfriend" Though he never did wear it in public, you can be sure that I "accidently" spilled paint on it and had to get rid of it!

Emily said...

Let me know when you are thinking of painting and I'll come help. No kissing me though. I have no energy as it is--I don't need mono! ;)

rusted sun said...

That is hilarious that a soon too be father was wearing that T-shirt.

I might need to make some of those Ts for my babies.

Several years ago I saw someone wearing a T-shirt that said "Geologists make the bed rock". I searched the internet until I found one and ordered it on ebay. Lonnie refuses to wear it (probably a good thing), but I some times wear it around the house.

When I have traveled abroad I have always loved seeing old men wearing t-shirts saying things like "Warning! I'm having a PMS day" or women wearing "Under this beard is a sexy man" T-shirts.

Kayley said...

FINALLY! I've been waiting for this post! I agree with everything you said-once again :) I think it went best with Jillian's family too, but I still don't like her the most for some reason. I really like Melissa and Molly. I thought it was really smart of Melissa to pick friends that were married with kids already.

I hope you get more energy soon!

Diane said...

I have heard that Jason is very in love and engaged, but honestly, I don't see ANY of them as a perfect match for him.

We are excited to see you guys this weekend. You sleep, we will take care of everything :)

Janna said...

Ok, love the Bachelor update. Kev and I are both hooked. Don't tell Kev I told you. :) So glad to hear things are going well with Preston. Can't wait for you to have a little boy! Love hearing the updates.

Sarah S said...

That is HILARIOUS about that man's t-shirt!!

And hang in there with the exhaustion - I hope your energy comes back soon. I feel like I could sleep all the time too :)