Thursday, February 26, 2009


Life has just been boring lately I guess, because I have had nothing to post about. I am trying to finish my book for bookclub and my blurb book in my "free" time and just trying to stay caught up on everything else at the same time (which I am finding impossible). Today the girls and I did stop by a park on the way home from school to enjoy the 80 degree weather though :-).
Addie HAD to have her lunchbox when she saw me give Ella hers to put in her bag for school. She carried it everywhere we went today.
Addie is non-stop go,go,go, and thought I was crazy for trying to take her picture while she played. She is quite the little climber too, she went right up the big rope ladder with no problem.

After tucking Ella in tonight she came running in to me a couple minutes later and enthusiastically said, "Mom, I have the BEST idea for show and tell at school for "Y"....yo-yo!!!" We just did Q this week, but it's always good to plan ahead!


Kayley said...

Ella is getting too big! Tell her she's not allowed to know that "Y is for yo-yo" :(

Pineapple Hill said...

It was such a pretty day. I love that outfit on Addie. She is so squishable! That is so cute how Miss Ella is always thinking. She so reminds me of another little miss!

Annemarie said...

80 DEGREES????? That is just not fair.

Your girls are as cute as ever!

Diane said...

Love the shot with Ella in the foreground and Addie in the those girls!

Christina Bambina said...

I'm with annemarie.. 80 DEGREES! NOT FAIR! We've been having the worst winter in years here in Sardina .... I'm soo needing 80 degees!

Liz L said...

It was 60 degrees in KS two days ago and I was so excited, but today its 25 again. Seriously so jealous.