Sunday, March 8, 2009

30 Weeks!!! and a Bedding Update

I am 30 weeks pregnant today...crazy! For some reason 30 weeks seems like a landmark to me when I suddenly am very near the end (granted I do have nearly 10 weeks left, but who's counting?!). Here is my belly progression over the past few months. My pre-pregnancy picture I am in my bathing suit so fortunately for you I won't post that still get the idea :-).
Photobucket 8 weeks Photobucket 20 weeks

Photobucket 23 weeks Photobucket 30 weeks

Ahh, now I'm missing my flat tummy and my long hair...someday they will hopefully both return :-).

I am feeling less stressed now that we have the bedding for Preston's room, and a bed for Addie! Hallelujah!
Yesterday Addie woke up good as new and was playing with her little animals. I love to see how she has arranged them and where they are sitting :-). She was SO excited to come downstairs and see her new big girl bed (that I found for a STEAL on that site!). She had fun trying it out and promptly requested a pillow.
So far, so good on sleeping in it. There was a minor mishap early in the night last night and she fell out, but she went right back to sleep and slept in LATE this morning. As I blog this she is even napping in it! I have been pleasantly surprised to say the least. The plan is to keep the bed in her room until we paint it over spring break (sometime next week) and then we'll make the move to Ella's room...and we'll see how that goes (I'm VERY nervous).

The plan for Preston's room is a jungle theme. There are actually so many cute options for boys' nurseries that I considered not going with jungle, but in the end decided to stick with it. I've mentioned before that I spent a semester in Uganda while in college and minored in African studies and I've always wanted to do a jungle room. Preston can thank me later for not giving him a Swahili middle name like the girls :-). I found a cute bedding set on Ebay that included LOTS of stuff and it came last we need to figure out our paint color.
I bought these little wooden chairs for Scott and Hope when I was in Uganda. Once they outgrew them my mom gave them back to me and they've just been waiting for a chance like this to really shine :-).
Then I was at Target a little while ago and in their $1 spot I found all these little jungle accessories (of course all the jungle stuff was on the $2.50 wall, but hey, it's still a deal). I bought some of them and called my mom who went to check her Target and found some more. I'm especially excited about the knobs for the dresser!


Emily said...

I know at first I tried to convince you to do a train room for Preston but I agree that the chairs are perfect for arranging the room around. I got the same nightlight & piggie bank for Ian! And I'm glad the change to Addie's big girl bed has been uneventful.

Diane said...

Addie's bed is perfect! you must have been sooo excited to find that little treasure on Craig's list. She looks super cute sleeping in it. Preston's room is really taking shape, it is going to be adorable. I love how you are incorporating the chairs into the perfect boy's jungle room.

rusted sun said...

Marci, You are beautiful pregnant! If Preston doesn't get a Swahili middle names does that mean that he gets a Spanish one?

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

Oh my goodness, you are tiny! You've never seen me prego! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.

Kayley said...

Addie's new bed is sooooooooo cute! And Preston's room looks like it's going to be pretty cute too!

Liz L said...

First, you are so cute! I love your maternity dresses. Second, how in the heck did you get those chairs back from Uganda?! Did you fit those in your suit case?

KelleyAnne said...

You looks so amazing!...must be genetic...teehee. Seriously, I'm so excited that the time is getting closer for Preston's arrival. His room is going to be adorable. Addie is too cute in that little bed. What a great deal you got and how perfect that she LOVES it!

Katie B said...

I most definitely approve of the cute jungle room and your cute pregger belly.

I bet there'll be some difficult transition nights when the girls are in the same room... good luck!

Marci said...

The chairs come apart (the little seat part pulls out and is a separate piece) so they were able to fit flat in my suitcase. One guy in our group brought home big adult size ones but he had to ship them...these are little ones.

Annemarie said...

You look great, and the baby boy room will be ADORABLE! I can't wait to see pics of the finished product.

Christina Bambina said...

You are just too cute! I love your ideas and love how cute you are pregnate!

Christina Bambina said...

ps: here's a link to a give away!!

Sarah S said...

You look SO great at 30 weeks prego!! I love your pink dress. Can you believe you have less than 10 weeks to go??

All I can is enjoy your sleep now!! :) Charlie is testing my ability to function on as little sleep as possible.

Good luck with the girls together in the same room!