Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adeline's Turn

I took Addie girl to the doctor early in the week because she was suffering big time from what looked like seasonal allergies...constant running nose and watery eyes. She would walk up to me with her eyes dripping and say, "Crying." Poor baby.
It was our first visit to our new pediatrician who is only a few minutes away (as opposed to nearly 30 minutes) and I really liked her although I do miss the nice atmosphere of the old office. The doctor suggested giving her some Zyrtec once or twice a day and it hasn't seemed to do much for poor Addie, but luckily with the cold front that came through last night they seemed to clear up some.
I am happy to report that Addie has progressed on from only identifying purple and pink and has most of the colors down now. She does sometimes like to be funny and say the wrong one on purpose and then laugh though :-). I often hear her singing songs by herself as she's one of my favorite things!
It is amazing how different Addie and Ella are. Addie is definitely more destructive and very full of personality. Here are some of her latest antics. She hadn't even touched the tree since she first learned to walk and could easily make her way to it and then out of the blue the other afternoon she was just standing there grabbing handfuls of moss and throwing them on the ground. As for the book, she worked on that one night when she was supposed to be sleeping. When I was having my talk with her about what she had done in the morning she wouldn't even look at me, she totally knew she wasn't supposed to do what she did, little stinker!
Adeline is improving on going to sleep in the room with Ella, but we still never know what we may find when we go in to check on her. The one guarantee is lots of toys all around her bed! I took this picture during her nap yesterday and last night when we went in she had managed to knock a picture off the wall and the little purse hanger down as well. She requests her blankie, her animals (4 beanie babies from our friend Miss Janet) and her princess figurines to be in bed with her when we tuck her in along with whichever book we read that night.
She does provide lots of entertainment though. She loves to make funny faces and get us to copy her. If she ever says anything that makes us laugh she says it over and over and over, because obviously it was hysterical!
Addie is super sensitive to food textures as well. She will not eat anything that is mushy or slimy (in her opinion). Some things she doesn't like as a result are typical from little kids (but not typical in our family where they have been eating them forever)...zucchini, creamy soup, mashed potatoes, etc. although she loves yogurt. This week I bought little JELL-O pudding cups as a special treat for Ella's lunch at school. Addie and I ate our lunch at home and then I told her I had a special treat and got her a pudding cup...and she HATED it! I could hardly get her to try it. And she is our sugar fanatic so it was especially surprising, crazy kid.
She loves to read and color and her favorite show is a Strawberry Shortcake DVD we have. It is the only show she actually pays attention to.
Although she loves to be girly (wear crowns, choosing her own jewelry, is addicted to shoes, and can identify every princess and most princes around), she also loves to inspect bugs and climb on things and be outside as much as possible. Although she does get mad at the wind and the rain for messing her hair up (she yells, "NO!" to it while holding her hair down).
Addie LOVES Ella. She loves her alone time too, but she is always so excited to pick Ella up from school and asks about her all day when she's gone. She is really going to miss her next year when she starts kindergarten.
And of course, we LOVE our Adeline and couldn't imagine life without her!


Kayley said...

this post is so cute!

Annemarie said...

Very sweet! Just think how boring life would be without a little character around to make you laugh when you otherwise wouldn't!

KelleyAnne said...

I adore Adeline! Her fun personality is a joy to have around. What a cute post about a cute kid!

Diane said...

I just love how well you know each or your girls and their little individual personality traits. I kept thinking how blessed they both are to have such great parents. LOVE those B & W's!

Dear little Addie has some distinctly Freeman traits...allergies, loves to make you laugh, shoes, and sugar, hates the wind messing her hair.