Monday, March 9, 2009

Attack of the Prehistoric Bug

Addie had no idea this little (or rather BIG) guy hitched a ride into the house with her yesterday afternoon. Ella on the other hand was FREAKED OUT when she saw it :-)!
The time change really threw Addie off. She didn't wake up until 9:15am (I didn't want to wake her up so soon after being sick) and was still pretty out of it.
Chrissy and my Grandma both celebrated birthdays this weekend and we helped celebrate with my Gma by enjoying Hansen tacos and this delicious cake after church. I never get any pictures of Scott with the girls so I was excited to capture these cute moments :-).
And trying to get their wiggles out (and all the sugar from the cake and ice cream!) with some outside time before bed :-)!


KelleyAnne said...

I bet Ella freaked out when she saw that prehistoric looking bug on her little sister's head! I'm freaked out looking at that picture. I'm glad you captured a picture of Scott with the cuties!

Emily said...

I love Addie's summer clothes in the last picture! Almost time to break out the swimming suits!

Christina Bambina said...

I love the tulip dress! Does it come in my size??? ;)

The girls are just too cute!

Kayley said...

EWWW that bug was SO gross!! Those pictures with Scotto are cute- and grandma's cake looks sooooooo good!