Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day Late

I completely forgot it was St. Patrick's Day yesterday, so we pretended it was today instead! Afterall, we couldn't let the cute hair bows from Nana go to waste :-).
The girls have been excited to have Papa dropping by occasionally when he works out this way!
And a HUGE thanks to Mckell for watching the girls all day! I went to the doctor, ran some errands, and stopped by my parents house to change out laundry loads in between it all (thanks a million Conn's!!!). Mike got to work on Preston's room (hooray Mike!). He just has to do a second coat and it is good to go...I LOVE how the color turned out and can't wait to start getting the room all set up! (don't worry, pictures will come) The girls had a blast with Johnny and Livvy...Addie fell asleep instantly in the car on the way home (and enjoyed a candy from Nana's house before that :-).


Katie B said...

How funny- I don't remember seeing Addie smile like she is in that middle picture but it makes her look just like Papa!

Christina Bambina said...

OMG! Of all people YOU forgot about St. Patrick's day??? ;) jk! I'm sure you had more important things on your mind!
I can't believe how long it's bben taking for your washer! that is insane! It's somthing I would expect in disfuntional Italy and not in the efficient USA!

Sara Jean said...

So cute! I love the bows! I'm so jealous... No cute hair bows to be found in the Egbert household with my troop of boys.

Brittany said...

I forgot about St. Patrick's too, but I love that you celebrated it the next day. And I agree that Addie really does look like papa in that picture.