Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gabriella's Turn

Next week is Ella's Kindergarten orientation!!! And then later in the week I go register her for Elementary school!!! I can't believe it! How did she get so big?! What will I do without her all day, 5 days a week?! What will Addie do?!
She is SOOOO excited though. Although Ella is often a little timid and shy around people and places that she doesn't know she has always been excited to try new things. She went right into nursery when she was 18 months old without looking back. In fact, when I came to pick her up at the end of church, all nervous about how she had done, she was sitting in the back playing happily away while all the other kids swarmed the gate waiting for their parents. She has LOVED preschool this year and I know she will do great at her "big" school...I just can't believe she is already old enough to go!
Ella Bella's favorite thing to do lately is puzzles. She sits every afternoon and works on them and is always just as proud of herself for completing them the fifth time as she was the first time.
She LOVES to be big. Yesterday she was making us pose for pictures and then told me she was going to put them on her blog :-). Although we've recently had to deal with some more big girl issues, like lying, she wants to be good and do the right thing and never wants us to be disappointed in her (which is usually what prompts the lying in the first place). Ella is my big helper and is a great motivator for Addie to help as well. At the end of the day when we are cleaning up their room, Addie will always join in once she sees that Ella is helping.
Ella is the BEST big sister. She loves Addie and is almost always good about sharing with her and being sweet with her, even if Addie is not in the mood :-). She loves to help me tuck her in bed and give her kisses and hugs. Sometimes the little mini-mom in her comes out and I have to remind her that I am the mother and can handle it, but most often I appreciate her help. I know she sometimes gets a little jealous of Addie but she is always genuinely happy for her when she accomplishes something new.
Ella is about as girly as they come, at least for now. She does not like bugs (well, that is an understatement, she FREAKS OUT if any kind of bug is near her), she doesn't like to be dirty or cold, she is scared easily and definitely prefers the happy world of Barbies, Princesses and Ponies. Yesterday when we were heading out for the park she put her Carebear in Addie's little dog carrier and had her camera all ready to go. She would wear a dress everyday if she could and she loves to pick out her hair styles and accessories.
Ella is a smart cookie and hates to mess up or be wrong. She usually catches on to things pretty quickly, but I often have to give her lots of reassurance that it is ok to mess up at first and that we have to practice things to get better at them. For a long time she wouldn't even try to draw the letter "S" because the first time she did it didn't turn out. She loves to proudly show us all the things she worked on and made while she was at school.
Ella LOVES her Dad. She loves me too of course :-), but she just watches Mike with admiration and wants to be with him whenever he is home. She loves to show him how fast she can run because she knows he loves running...and she has his legs, so my guess is they'll be running buddies as she gets older.
And, of course, we LOVE our Gabriella!


Kayley said...

so is this one :)

Annemarie said...

Warning: the first day of Kindergarten is a doozy. You will be happy and sad and proud all at the same time.
I have cried with each one of mine (even if I was happy to have a little break...)
She is so darling. What a great kid you have!

Brittany said...

I love these postings you did for each of the girls, and I like the different angles and lighting on the pictures. I'm sure they'll love to read these special entries when their reading gets to that level. Cute idea.

KelleyAnne said...

I love these posts too! This one sounds sooooo much like some other little person I knew:). Ella is so sweet. She just melts my heart.

Diane said...

What a beautiful tribute to our precious Ella. She is such a remarkable little girl and I love her so.

Melissa said...

These are sweet Marci and it isn't even their birthday or Valenine's day.

Liz L said...

I can't believe how big Ella looks now!