Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Rest

So, the rest of yesterday...It was a LONG day. I went to the doctor in the morning and the girls went to play with Nana. Originally I was just planning to bring them with me, but was so thankful I didn't because I ended up waiting for quite awhile. When I am by myself it is actually quite relaxing to be stuck in the waiting room...I got lots of reading done :-)! I've had some questions about why I'm being induced and everything with Preston is fine! I was induced with Ella because my body never started laboring by itself (I was in Provo still with her). With Addie I had the same doctor I have now (who I love) and she noticed something weird on my 20 week ultrasound and had me go downtown to a specialist to have it checked out later in my pregnancy. Luckily, everything with Addie was fine, but the specialist noticed I have Celiac Disease and recommended to my doctor that she induce me 1 week early. I still can't figure out why it makes a difference, but I wasn't going to argue :-). We ended up pushing it back because once again my body wasn't preparing at all, so this time we are just planning it to be the same as with Addie. I just can't believe he is coming in a little over 2 months...ahhh! I am beginning to get stressed out about being ready in time :-). We just ordered the bedding for the crib and now we have to get the girls situated so they can adjust before he comes...I'll keep everyone posted! Anyway, we did laundry and ate lunch with my mom (thanks mom!) and then we still had to head to the grocery store (I don't know why I scheduled the appointment on a Monday, never again).


I was a little nervous about how Addie would be at the store at this time of day, but she was great (and so was Ella, but she always is). They read books and were being really good so when an old man saw me and said, "Boy, you have your hands full!" I must admit I was a little offended. I'm sure he just said it because he saw I was pregnant and had the other 2 already, but really, I've seen many mothers when I'm out shopping that really do have their hands full (including myself on certain days), but I didn't consider myself one of them yesterday! The amazing part of my trip was that I kept the groceries for our whole week under $50!!! I know I'm not to the point of doing it every week yet, but I am so proud :-)! Practice makes perfect and I really feel like I'm starting to get things figured out!

We probably all could have used a nap by the time we got home, but we survived and went to bed nice and early! Addie's latest favorite thing to do is go "swimming" in the bathtub. She yells to me, "Look mom, swimming!" Ella and Addie spend most of their time in the tub playing with the bath toy Meema and Papa gave Addie last year on her birthday...they never get tired of it :-)! Last night was the first time they figured out how to give the alligators a shower and they were thrilled.




KelleyAnne said...

It was so fun to play with the cuties yesterday. Please feel free to borrow the washer again anytime. I love that picture of Ella with the sun in her hair. It's so pretty!

Katie B said...

Wow, I'm so impressed with your grocery bill. I'm usually not as good as that and it's just two of us! Way to go!

Sarah S said...

I am also impressed w/ your grocery shopping!! That is amazing.

The Nixon Family said...

the girls look so big! i'm excited for you and your little boy. boys are so fun and so easy! (at least that is what i thought). i agree with all your comments about jason. boo hoo for sure! i'll be in town march 19-21 and would love to see you if you are around. we'll have to play lots. we are going to the livestock show on friday if you are interested. and if you and mike want a date night with friends a bunch of us are going to perry's or maggianos sat night w/o kiddos. we'd love to see you tons!