Friday, March 6, 2009

Two Tags

First, I saw this on Stephanie's blog last night and was too tempted to try it on myself (and you will be too I promise!)! So although, she didn't technically tag me, I'm doing it anyway...I had never seen this one before. You google "(your name) needs" and post your top 6 results. Here are mine:
1. Marci needs to use some of that money of hers to buy a reason for existence. (ouch!)
2. Marci needs lunch, but where?
3. Marci needs a special home. :-)
4. Marci needs dinner ideas. (how true)
5. Marci needs to create some content.
6. Marci needs to go to prison. (I wonder what I did!)
See, it's fun, aren't you curious what yours would say?!

I was also tagged by Melissa yesterday to post my fourth picture from my fourth file. I actually think I have done this before, but she said she tagged me because she knew I would do it and I don't want to disappoint :-)! Plus I reorganized my files recently so it is a new picture. This one is of my sister Kayley and her now husband Scott when we went downtown to take engagement pictures last summer...
Feel free to play along :-)!


Emily said...

That does sound fun! I'll have to give it a shot.
Gotta love that BEAUTIFUL Exxon building in the background! That was where I worked for 5 years you know :)

Stephanie said...

I thought a couple of mine were harsh, but that first one of yours made me laugh outloud.