Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ella's First Field Trip!

Today Ella is going on her FIRST field trip! Her preschool is heading to Dewberry Farms for the day and I'm not with her...which is a little stressful I must admit (not to mention I won't have any pictures from her fun day!). At first I was a little bugged that only 2 parents from each class got to go, but now with this leg/back thing I've got going on I suppose it is for the best. I must admit I tried to entice her into skipping the trip with the promise of alternative exciting activities, but she didn't go for it. She could not wait to go to Dewberry Farm with her friends from school :-). I've got to learn to let go a little at some point, right?! Here she is all ready in her school shirt with her paper bag lunch, feeling like the coolest, biggest kid around :-)!
(and Addie has apparently moved on to bunnies today from cats)

A couple weeks ago when we were at the library I decided to get Ella her own library card so she could check out books while I help Addie scan hers. Ella was so excited to sign her card and beams with pride as she uses it all by herself!


Annemarie said...

That first field trip is hard, and I must admit that every time my kids go on one (if I don't get to go) I stress a little. It's our jobs as moms, I guess.
She will come home with so many fun stories about her big day!!

Steve said...

I remember my first library card. I went to our little library in Blythe, Ca and checked out 2 books. Brought them home and read them. Then one day my mom said to me "Steven the library called, they want their books back and you owe them .50 cents" DANG!

Kayley said...

she's getting too big! First field trips and first library cards are a big deal!

Melissa said...

I bet she had a blast at Dewberry Farms. We took Emily's class there for their fall field trip and it was so much fun. That's interesting that they only let two parents from each class go. With Emily's they were begging as many parents as possible to come!

I think it's awesome that you let her get her own library card. I will have to do that this summer.

Christina Bambina said...

Ahhh the library card. A magnificent time in life! I remember going together with you Marci at the Mira Mesa Library near the Rec. center Gotta love the Library!
PS: you b-day is soon!!! xoxoxo