Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Forget Snow Days!!!

We'll definitely take rain days instead...all the benefits without the cold :-)!
We had some crazy rain Monday night, leaving some streets flooded and resulting in the cancellation of schools around Houston. The good news for us was our area looked fine, but we still got to spend the day with Mike!
I had a doctor's appointment in the morning and she said she'll see me again next week...translation: this kid isn't coming anytime soon! In good news though, I have been sleeping a lot better the past week and it has been marvelous. If this keeps up for the next 2 weeks (YES, 2 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!) I'll be a happy camper for the most part :-).
The girls found a mud puddle to play in while I was gone. Ella, in her typical fashion, was able to stay remarkably clean...
By the time I got home they were all cleaned up and Ella proudly told me she had picked out their outfits. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture, but the ensembles were quite creative.
We think we should maybe put Ella in softball before soccer (and watch how Addie getting hit on the head makes her start spinning in circles- she's so funny).


Leighanna, Reid and William said...

Addie is so funny!!

Katie B said...

Wow, Ella's got an arm!

Diane said...

i'm so glad you are sleeping better, everything is more bearable when you have enough sleep:)

KelleyAnne said...

Yay to a good night's sleep. Ella really does have an arm on her.

Steve said...

I think Mike has an Oakland A's batting helmet. Maybe Addie should wear it whenever Ella starts throwing those curve balls.
Marci, tell Preston that Papa was born on Mothers Day, May 10th 19##and that's a great day to be born. Also that would eliminate 3 days for you, all good things!