Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh My GOSH!!!

Is the first thing I heard yesterday morning (and is also something I apparently say more than needed because Ella has been saying it A LOT). Ella was in their bathroom looking out the window..."Oh My GOSH!!! LOOK at those yellow flowers!!!" I convinced her not to pick them, but she was thrilled by her discovery :-).
This picture just makes me laugh :-)...the hair, the face...
(And just a's 7:45am and the girls are STILL asleep! They have been up at 7am on the dot since they started sharing a room 1 1/2 months ago! Hooray for a quiet morning for me!)


Katy Schepis Edmondson said...

those are really cute pictures. I really have to watch what I say too. It is hard sometimes. I don't even realize what Im saying until my kids start saying it. Good luck.

Diane said...

Those flowers are definitely worth an "Oh my Gosh", they are gorgeous!

McKell and John said...

The "oh my gosh" is totally from Johnny, that little stinker. But at least that's all she got from him!!