Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Our house phone rang at 3:30am.
By the time either of us realized what was happening, Mike and I were both awake.
I grabbed the phone and handed it to him.
Apparently it was a recorded message from a credit union!
We do not belong to a credit union.
Now it is almost 4:30am and I am still awake.
I came downstairs to eat a snack and watch The Hills and then remembered I didn't bring my glasses down so it is all a little blurry.
Thank you stupid credit union for the wake up call! I wish I knew who you were!!!
*Oh, and shouldn't there be a rule against being sick and pregnant at the same time?!*
It's a good thing I'm getting my hair done today...I can't wait!


Melissa said...

I would be so mad! Do you have caller ID or *69 to try to figure out which credit union it was?

Christina Bambina said...

Ok, that realy sucks!

Katy Schepis Edmondson said...

That kinda happened to me a couple of years ago. I was so mad. Why would they call in the middle of the night. That is weird. Sorry that happened.

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry, I would be really upset, especially with watching The Hills with no glasses! Do you have a cold? I hate that, you can't take anything so you just suffer.

Kirsten said...

So annoying! I get random calls day and night, always different numbers, that are recordings in Vietnamese. Funny at first, not so much anymore. At least they are on my cell phone I can keep that on silent!

Amy said...

Annoying! Jared woke me up at 3:30 too--I feel your pain!