Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shopping in Nana's Candy Store

But collecting the papers in front of our house first (the girls think this is GREAT fun!)...
Then we headed over to Nana's to pick up the gifts from the shower the night before. Little did I know Nana had quite the treat in store for the girls...a big bag and the chance to fill it as they pleased from her candy bar :-). Addie promptly began stuffing candy in her mouth...eventually she caught on that she was supposed to picking some out for later...hopefully someday our house will be mostly candy free again :-). The girls, of course, were in heaven though!


KelleyAnne said...

Such delight in those little faces!

michele cabiness said...

Why is it that Grandmothers just LOVE to give their grandkids candy?:)

Melissa said...

Ella's bag doesn't look nearly full enough.