Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Short and Sweet and Soup

Just a few pics from the past couple days...
I'll be really glad when Ella doesn't have to wear tennis shoes with all her cute summer outfits :-). I'll also be really sad when I pack up Addie's striped pants :-( they are nearly too small on her now.
Addie's current obsession is our toy cats. She carries them ALL around and HAS to have them in her bed. She came across another random little cat in one of the toy baskets the other day and was absolutely thrilled. If she misplaces one she knows exactly which one (she'll come tell me in her cry-talk voice "Gray cat, Gray cat.") and the rescue mission begins. I am curious what she'll move on to next and hopeful it is a smaller grouping, 4 princesses were much easier to keep track of than 8 cats.
Ella was playing at Lauren's so I know Addie was the culprit behind this bird seed fiasco...unless of course one of the birds or squirrels came in the house, broke into the closet, poured it out and then kindly tried to clean up by swishing a towel around on top. I do appreciate the clean-up effort though!
I had my ultra-sound this morning to follow up my appointment yesterday and everything with Preston looks great. He's just going to be a little guy like his sisters when they were born. Based on today's measurements they are estimating right around 7 lbs. so we'll see, but it works for me :-)! I'm still holding out hope he'll come before the 13th though!
And one last thing...I've been eating a lot of tortilla soup lately because it's the only thing that really sounds good. I mean A LOT! So, I like to mix it up and eat different kinds. Ever since we have lived here we have driven by Big Mike's BBQ stand on many, many weekends but never tried it. Well, we finally did a couple weeks ago and it was really good! For those of you who live here it's that black truck thing set up in the Hollywood Video parking lot on the corner of Mason and Cimarron. And guess what they serve up on Saturdays?! Tortilla soup!!! You can get a huge cup of it for $7 (definitely enough for 2 or 3 people) and they load you up with diced avocado, cheese and tortilla chips, so if anyone ever is in the mood to share some with me any Saturday, give me a call and we can split the cost! LOVED it!!!


McKell and John said...

I always see that black truck and want to try it! All I need is a good recommendation and i'm there! I'm hungry again.

Sarah S said...

that's hilarious about addie and the cats! and I'm glad you found some good tortilla soup... we don't have things like that around here (black trucks selling food), but I wish we did - there are so many times when I'm craving something fast and easy (but hate fast food chains) and have to resort to thai food takeout. which isn't fast or easy!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Is Addie going to grow up and be a weird old woman with TONS of cats?! Lets hope this is just a phase. ;)

And I can't believe Preston is almost here already! I am so so so excited to see how this little one turns out!

Christina Bambina said...

I'm so excited to meet Preston! Please Preston, come soon!!!


Stephanie said...

That soup looks so good! I want to try it, I may come to Katy this weekend now :) David is out of town and after reading McKell's blog, I want to shop at Katy Mills and eat this soup.

Diane said...

Mike was 7lbs 1oz so it sounds like Preston will take after his dad (hopefully in lots of other ways too:)