Monday, April 20, 2009


Ella LOVES to make silly faces in her pictures recently :-)...Addie just wanted to get up and be free...her face says it all!
We had some fun last night building these marble tracks. I've had them for awhile, but yesterday was the first time we pulled them out and the girls LOVED it. They are too little to really understand the building part of it yet, but once Mike and I set a track up they had a blast sending the marbles down. Addie was practically hyperventalating with excitement (and running in place to try and contain herself as she waited to put more marbles in), it was hilarious.
Saturday Mike had some tutoring at school in the morning and the girls and I were stuck in the house as it POURED rain. It dumped on us for a couple hours, flooding the streets...the water went down quickly once it stopped, but we had never seen our street like this before! I didn't know Mike had taken a picture until I went to upload pics from our camera just now...

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Christina Bambina said...

your girls are just too cute!!! any sign of preston coming soon to meet them???