Wednesday, May 20, 2009


More pictures from the past couple days...
More cuddles with Ella:
More first time visits (Grammy and Greatfrog were in CA when he was born...Ella and Addie are in LOVE with their puzzle books guys!):
More help from Nana (HOORAY!):
More cuddles from Addie who has suddenly become quite affectionate (and this day fell asleep cuddling with me):
More of our cute girls:
More silliness...Addie is recently scared of random object she sees on the floor because she thinks they are all bugs (which, of course, never bothered her until a few days ago). Yesterday she saw this little paper on the family room floor and wouldn't get off the table (her safety zone) until I inspected it for her. I found it and picked it up to show her, explaining it was a piece of paper from when we were cutting coupons. I tried to hand it to her and she backed away in terror...these girls :-).
More videos, because it's been awhile. I love to watch Addie with her cats:


Christina Bambina said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! It just gets me in a good mood each time I open it up to read! I've officially appointed it my "get out of a bad mood" remedy!

michele cabiness said...

Seeing all of these newborn pictures is making me sad that Lila is so big. I want another!!

KatieoFL said...

Preston is beautiful! Congratulations! The O'Brien's