Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preston's Frog Photos

I think it's hard to really capture what Preston looks like in a picture. I honestly don't think his little face looks so smooshed and wrinkly, but I am his mother. He does give us some pretty hilarious expressions when he does have his eyes open...and he still grabs his poor little face every chance he gets.



Chalonn said...

his hands are huge!!! he is such a cute little guy!

Kirsten said...


Christina Bambina said...

Look at hime SQUUUUUUEEEZZE his cheek! He's gonna be a football player for sure!!!

Sarah S said...

I LOVE the frog outfit pictures! He is so cute. He definitely has a newborn look with the way he positions his hands, but I think his expressions are so fun.

Kim said...

What a doll!!! I love newborns!