Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still Boy Crazy

We are loving our Monday at the park routine...it gives us all something to look forward to during our weekly grocery shopping trips! I don't know how many times we've "played" with Lauren, but this time she and Addie actually played together a little bit...and tried to make an escape as well.

I can't get enough of her little swimsuit body :-)...
And she can't get enough of random boys...or their dogs :-)!
No more complaining today...I'm off to the doctor in a few hours, so we'll see what she says.


Christina Bambina said...

too cute! have a great appointment!

ps: love the dog... looks like marley!

The Chrissy Herself said...

Good luck at the Dr.! And I adore that picture of all of the kids looking down at the water's edge... :)

The Nixon Family said...

Ok, Marci. When you have a Hernia that bulges and kills and a pulled groin that makes it so you cannot walk without limping or experiencing pain I will start to feel bad for you that your babe isn't coming for another week! :) It's a race to delivery and I hope I win, I am seriously DYING! :)

KelleyAnne said...

Yes, keep sharing pictures of Addie's swimsuit body. I love it too! What a fun day and that puppy is so cute!

Kayley said...

I'm in love with Addie's cute little swim suit body too :)