Monday, May 4, 2009

Tasty! (and slightly miserable)

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday and Hope's birthday with my family. During church all I could think about was my mom's enchiladas and Melissa's cake...the wait was worth it :-)!
Addie and Ella were really on one all day though! Here are some examples of their behavior:
While we were home waiting for the time to come to leave they broke one of their Barbies while fighting over it. They also broke 3 little wooden animals of my parents' by throwing them from the overlook upstairs to the wooden floor below. Addie broke the cats' food bowl when she climb up on a stool in my mom's laundry room, reached a decorative (and heavy) bird and dropped it into the dish. She also managed to open the china cabinet and we found her playing with breakable coasters instead of the many toys available at their house. Oh, these kids :-). I suppose they have to make me feel grateful for how good they typically are every once in awhile!
One group shot with my mom, and one with me :-). Hope had been so excited to eat the cake that we almost forgot to sing before eating it...hence the knife marks on it.
This is how cute it really was (and delicious too!)...
Thank you Hope for helping these crazies get some wiggles out before we came home (as you can see, keeping Addie ON the trampoline is a full time job). They are sure are cute though!

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough. They were CRAZY last night and eventually we gave up and had Ella go to sleep in the guest room (which she wasn't happy about). When we went to check on them later in the night this is how we found Miss Adeline.
In pregnancy news, I am praying that tomorrow (Tues) when I have my doctor's appointment she tells me I'm not going to last until the 13th. This last month has definitely been THE hardest pregnancy experience I've had (granted I've still had it very easy I know) and my back is killing me...literally. The sharp shooting pains when I walk have gone away for the most part - they pop up occasionally - but have been replaced by a deeper and more intense pain that I feel whenever I change positions. They are the absolute worse when I lay down and nearly bring me to tears when I try to get in and out of bed...which is a real problem when you are waking up at least twice a night to go to the bathroom. I'm ready for an epidural right now! So, be careful what you say to might make me cry...between the bad sleep and my back and hearing that other people are probably going to have their babies before me when they were due after me (it's just not right!)! I'm ready to be done and I'm ready to meet Preston and at least be able to hold him and love him and feel like I have a good reason to be up all night. Come on body...get in gear!


Christina Bambina said...

the cake was beautiful! can I get her to come here and do my cake for the wedding??

happy birthdays again!

janessa gibson said...

Good luck at your appt.....I completely agree...the last month is absolutely the longest, hardest month of the pregnancy!!

Brittany said...

the cake looks fabulous! Your examples of the girls' behavior sounds shocking for them, but probably very typical of children their age! I hope Preston comes early too, to put you out of your agony.

Anonymous said...
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Emily VO said...

Happy Birthday, can't wait to see pics of your new baby. You are my matching baby outfit inspiration your girls always look so darling

Allie said...

I am so sorry you are so uncomfortable. I can not believe you are in so much pain. I hope he comes really soon too.

Melissa said...

Wow, I know it was your birthday celebration, but I feel kind of cool being featured on your blog and your mom's. Thanks!! Happy Birthday again!!! and I hope you get comfortable soon.!!!!

Kayley said...

that cake is SO cute! Those pictures of Hope trying to keep Addie on the trampoline made me laugh pretty hard!